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Madden 25: RGIII, Colin Kaepernick Inspire New 'Run Free' Playmaking Feature

If you thought both Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III were unstoppable in real life last season, just wait until you pick up a copy of this year’s installment in the Madden franchise ‘Madden 25′. The new playmaking feature called ‘Run Free’ will be added into this year’s game and allows for the ball carrier to perform a plethora of ankle breaking moves unlike any previous version of the game in existence. There are your standard jukes, stiff arms and spins but that’s prehistoric compared to what is being added to this year’s edition.

“We’ve gone from roughly eight moves to 38 different moves you can do,” Anthony Stevenson, Sr. Director of Marketing for EA Sports, said via USA Today. “The thing that players like RGIII are so good at is putting different moves together at one time. In the past if you were going to do a spin move in Madden, you’d have to complete your spin move before you could do something else. These guys today start with a spin move and then decide ‘I’m going to plant real quick and juke right.’

And the inspiration for this new feature? Look no further than two of the hottest players in the NFL last season.

“Last year was an incredibly special year when you look at the quarterbacks. The RG III’s, the Russell Wilsons, the Colin Kaepernicks – they really changed the way offenses play in this league,”  said Stevenson. “It feels so much different – the pistol offense, the read option – it feels a lot different to me than the wildcat where you might throw in a couple plays but in a couple of years it kind of faded away. This doesn’t feel like that at all. This is personnel driven and you’re talking about the future quarterbacks that are going to be the Pro Bowlers for the next ten to 15 years and take the torch from the Peyton Mannings and Tom Bradys. We wanted to make sure we represented that in this year’s game so we have a campaign called Run Free.”

Hopefully this year’s edition of Madden isn’t as terrible as the last few installments have been, but by adding this feature — as cool as it may be– EA is making it clear that they’re continuing to focus on the single game aspect rather than the other, deeper modes available in the game.

The verdict is still out on Madden 25, and we won’t know for a few months what the final product holds. But while the deeper modes may still be ignored and botched by EA, the gameplay style seems to only be getting sexier and we can thank RGIII and Colin Kaepernick for the latest edition to the mode.

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