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Nate Robinson Wants to Stay with Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls received some heroic postseason play from Nate Robinson, and he had an especially valiant effort in the Bulls final game of the postseason with 21 points, six assists, and five rebounds. The Miami Heat came back to win 94-91 and disposed of the Bulls in five games, but Robinson’s performance was one to admire, and he had a great postseason all told. However, the Bulls are not expected to bring him back this offseason because of cap issues and a lack of roster spots.

However, Nate Robinson told CSN Chicago that he would “love to” re-sign with the Bulls this offseason, but he also acknowledged that there is “limited space” (both financially and in terms of physical space available on the roster), “I would love to. Honestly, I really would, but knowing the guys we have here, I know it’s probably limited space for me. But we’ll see how it goes. Talk to my agent and stuff like that and figure out what’s the best plan for me. I love this team, I love these guys and if I could stay here, it would be wonderful.”

Coach Tom Thibodeau hinted that he likes Robinson and wants him back, and he said not to rule out Robinson’s return despite the issues in getting something done. We’ll see if the Bulls can find a way tot keep Robinson, and he might have to take a pay cut, which would test how much he loves the Bulls. Chicago has Derrick Rose, Kirk Hinrich, and Marquis Teague as point guards on the roster, and they won’t be able to keep him at the bargain minimum rate.

You really have to give credit to Robinson for the increased maturity, intelligence, and overall better play this season, and you have to give at least as much credit to the Chicago Bulls organization for getting 13 points per game, 4.4 assists per game, and a pair of boards per game out of the 28-year-old guard. The Bulls got more than their money’s worth out of Robinson, and, speaking of money, the soon-to-be free agent has put himself in a great position to get paid. Unfortunately, it sounds unlikely that Robinson will get that payday from the Bulls due to, as he termed it, “limited space”.

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