November 15, 2012; El Segundo, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard (12) works out before the press conference. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard will not play for the Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Lakers’ big man Dwight Howard is in the news again. Howard, the unrestricted free agent, has reportedly said he would be exploring options before finally announcing his decision whether or not to leave Hollywood or venture off to a new team. While the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks seem like suitable destinations for Howard, other teams may try to get into the mix. The Los Angeles Clippers however won’t get a chance.



The Clippers actually never wanted to go after Howard. There’s many reasons why. First, the Clippers want to re-sign Chris Paul. That’s their top priority, and if they were to sign Howard, who would demand the max contract, they’ll have no chance of bring back Paul. They could have both Howard and Paul, but that would result in several complicated deals and trades for that to happen. The Lakers could obtain DeAndre Jordan in a sign-and-trade deal, but the Lakers are already over the luxury tax threshold.

Another suggestion for the Clippers would be letting go of numerous players on their roster, then signing Howard and Paul to their “Bird Rights” under a max deal, but the Clippers would then have three players under a maximum contract, which would result in Donald Sterling, to pay a whole lot of more in the luxury tax.

Howard also wants to be the centrepiece of the franchise.With an aging Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, Howard could be in the spotlight in due time, however on the young Clippers squad, Howard would have to share that spotlight with Paul and Blake Griffin. I’m sure he would absolutely hate that.

Howard going to the Clippers would never happen. Not in the slightest. Not now, and perhaps not ever. No question about it and anybody else who thinks he would be a fool.

There’s also rumours  about Chris Paul going to the New York Knicks. Such rumours are as, if not more unlikely than Howard going to the Clippers.

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