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Report: NFL Could Adjust Pro Bowl in 2013, Teams Would Be Picked by Captains

In an effort to save the game nobody ever watches, the NFL is moving to make the Pro Bowl more interesting by making it more like a game show and will likely appoint two players per year to be captains that pick who makes the team and who doesn’t. The rumored changes were all discussed Tuesday when NFL owners met with Roger Goodell in Boston to go over changes being made across the map to the NFL’s schedule of events.

The league has been trying to figure out a way to freshen up a stale event, as the Pro Bowl is a meeting of the most popular athletes in the country yet hardly anybody watches the game. Among the changes would be making the game more like a game show where players either compete in different events or just the style of the game is altered more so than it has been.

But the most likely change is to have two captains draft their Pro Bowl teams. The NHL currently uses this format to pick it’s all-star teams and the schoolyard, pickup game style is brings is refreshing for hockey. Why it works with hockey is that’s the way the game is played growing up. Sure there are youth leagues but if you’re out with friends on a chilly Minnesota morning, you pick teams and play, you don’t sign up and vote for teams.

Football is played the same way in neighborhoods all over the country and going back to the basics of football and it’s roots would serve the Pro Bowl well and could even make it a tradition rather than a boring day of football.

Goodell says that the captains idea could take effect as early as this year’s Pro Bowl, and a change to freshen up the Pro Bowl couldn’t come any sooner as the game seems to have been saved from the chopping block for at least another season.

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