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Hakeem Nicks Not Happy with Contract Situation with New York Giants

The New York Giants have their hands full with their current standoff with Pro Bowl wide receiver Victor Cruz, but to make things worse they now have a situation developing in the wrong direction with their other big wide out target. According to Yahoo! Sports Jason Cole, Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks is unhappy with his current contract and is skipping OTAs to send his team a message.

He has refused to sign the tender, hoping to get a long-term contract worth in the area of $10 million per year. The Giants are offering a deal closer to $7 million per year and that number is important in multiple ways. First, Cruz’s contract will help set the parameters for Nicks, who the Giants consider to be their primary wide receiver – not Cruz, despite what the stats might indicate.

It’s worth noting that OTAs are “voluntary” but in the same way that company picnic is voluntary. No, you don’t have to go but people do notice when you’re not there and still expect an excuse for your absence. In Nicks’ case, his excuse is he wants more money and wants to fast track his payday that is eventually coming to him.

And if his M.O. isn’t to fast track his payday, he’s trying to inflate it. Hicks is no doubt a massive part of the Giants offense and is 1-A/B to Victor Cruz in the passing game. But the question is who do the Giants value more? If Hicks gets a deal first it’s not going to be a good look towards Cruz and vice versa. New York has a pretty big issue on their hands that will only escalate as we move further into the summer.

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