Dec 23, 2012; Houston, TX, USA;Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen (69) waves to fans against the Houston Texans after the game at Reliant Stadium. The Vikings won 23-6. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Jared Allen Says He’d Leave Minnesota Vikings If Asked to Restructure Contract

The Minnesota Vikings have had an amazing offseason of building for the future, but fans are hoping that part of the future involves superstar defensive end Jared Allen. While he’s been the most productive member of the Vikings defense over the past few years, Allen told the Star Tribune that the Vikings haven’t discussed anything about his contract with him but if they use the word  ‘restructure’ he’s going to be “through the first door out” of Minnesota.

“You use the word restructure and that to me makes it feel like they’d want me to take a pay cut,” Allen told the Star Tribune when asked about restructuring his deal with the Vikings. “And if anybody asked me to take a pay cut, I’d be through the first door out of there. So no. We haven’t talked one iota. It is what it is.”

Usually teams restructure contracts to save money, but Allen’s not entirely wrong when he says restructure is code for pay cut. However not every restructured contract has seen money fly out the window as Peyton Manning’s new deal with the Broncos didn’t touch his salary rather it adjusted the payout of it to save Denver money to spend.

Allen says that he’s not going to think or discuss his contract because he’s all about football and “has people” to do his dealings for him.

“We’re going to go about our business and play good ball and try to win a Super Bowl,” Allen said. “And like I said the business stuff? We take care of that in the offseason. I have people to do that. That’s why I don’t get into it. You’re not going to hear it from me. I won’t complain. I go about my business.”

The issue is pressing though as Allen is entering the final year of his contract with the VIkings, and at the age of 31 it’s hard to believe the Vikings will offer him $14 million or more, which is what he’s currently slated to make. Allen is a stalwart in the Vikings organization and he’s a guy the team is going to want to keep happy if he’s indeed in the plans for the future.

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  • Relativity is Wrong

    “And if anybody asked me to take a pay cut, I’d be through the first door out of there. So no. We haven’t talked one iota. It is what it is,” because “I have people to do that. That’s why I don’t get into it. You’re not going to hear it from me. I won’t complain. I go about my business.”

    To state he would leave Minnesota because of a proposal to negotiate a new contract is one bold assumption. Assigning tone to text is a common mistake among journalists. Thank you for the opinion though, it is appreciated. Let’s not forget, our mulletious friend is from Idaho where the English syntax resembles Spanish, all reciprocated and whatnot.

  • Charles Stocks

    How about a contract extension? Let him retire as a Viking.

  • MikeyT

    I love Allen, but at 14 mil a pop and with E Griffen emerging. I’m sorry, sad to see the cowboy go, but that is business

  • Tommy Yarbrough

    Is that 14 mil for one season? Wow, man, that is a lot of coin for one season, even for Jared Allen. He’s 31, but that ain’t so bad, but that does mean he’s been around for about 9 years, so he doesn’t have that many left. He IS one of the most talented in the NFL at his position… even so, 14 mil for one season is MORE THAN PLENTY. I don’t know how many other DE’s there are making that kind of money in the NFL, but surely there aren’t a huge boatload making 14 mil a year. I guess if I were Ziggy, I’d go ahead and pay Allen his asking price, but if he doesn’t have a stellar year, I don’t think I’d keep even Jared Allen around another season for the same kind of money. So, if he didn’t want to restructure his contract the following season, I’d have to let him walk, even though it would probably be a little difficult to replace him with someone else that could do the job as good as Allen right from the get go. After all, Jared Allen’s are big shoes to fill. I’m a diehard Viking fan and have been for over 30 years, and I’ve certainly enjoyed watching that beast wreak havoc on opposing quarterbacks ever since he came from Kansas City, but his stats weren’t what I expected from Jared Allen. It is possible that he is slowing down a little. That remains to be seen. But I would expect a very, very good, if not great season from him this coming year, but if that didn’t happen, and as much as I’d hate to do it, I’d have to let him walk. I know, Jared Allen’s are big shoes to fill… but I mean, c’mon man… 14 mil a year after you’ve gotten past 30? Only a select few get those kinds of deals.

  • Mike Bridges

    He said out of there. Not necessarily out of Minnesota. Maybe he meant out of the room….out of the discussion. He appears to love the Vikings and I have a problem with Allen being so “cold”. Why doesn’t anyone have a problem with teams writing, offering and ratifying these contracts with no inclination of living up to them at the end of them? Don’t hate the employee for expecting and demanding their employers live up to THEIR promises. If the team felt that the money at the end was more than what they wanted to pay, why offer it and ratify it when the player accepts? That’s not on and changes need to be made to stop teams from doing this. They offer all this money and bring out the brass bands when they sign the player and then at the conclusion they try to make him out to be greedy and look as if they aren’t team mate material anymore. They thought Allen was worth 14 mil at the conclusion when the contract was offered. He still holds up his end. He does his job, and more. Stop hating on Allen for wanting what he’s owed. How many of you would be happy if your employer ever did that to you? If you agreed to and accepted what your employer offered you over 5 years and then in year 4 they start talking as if they can now no longer afford to give you what was offered and agreed on and want you to accept less, you would be upset. Players may start rethinking big payouts contingent upon them making the roster by a certain date in the last year of the contract. More than likely, they will be cut to sign a cheaper option. Allen saw what happened to Winfield and he may be concerned. I love Minnesota and I want them to love their employees. If you offer it, pay it, unless the guy is a proven bum and liability.