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A die-hard Buffalo Bills fan has a unique tattoo of O.J. Simpson's mugshot from 1994. (Photo Credit: Deadspin)

Buffalo Bills Fan Has OJ Simpson Mugshot Tattoo (Photo)

There are crazy fans all throughout sports. Whether it be the fans who wear wacky outfits to the games or people that paint up their cars to have the ultimate tailgaiting wagon, there are many ways you can express your fandom. For one Buffalo Bills fan, that was by getting a tattoo of NFL Hall of Famer Bills running back O.J. Simpson. Of course, we all know that Simpson was arrested for the alleged murders of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman before being acquitted, but that hasn’t stopped this Bills fan from showing his loyal support.

Prepare your eyes. Here is the greatest O.J. Simpson mugshot that you will ever see:

First of all, that is an incredibly well done tattoo. That is something that needs to be said, but we can’t overlook how weird it is to get the Juice’s mug tatted on your thigh. According to, the tattoo took nine hours to finish. That’s dedication.

Just to show off how big of a Buffalo Bills fan this guy in the picture is, he has a Bills tattoo on his calf.

While it may have been a questionable decision to get O.J. Simpson’s mugshot tattooed on his leg, this is as die-hard of a fan as you could have. For that, you have to love the guys dedication to the franchise through the good and the bad. And thankfully, his O.J. ink is easily covered.

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