May 22, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Indiana Pacers small forward Sam Young (4) and Miami Heat small forward Shane Battier (31) both collide during the first half in game one of the Eastern Conference finals of the 2013 NBA Playoffs at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Roy Hibbert Says Miami Heat Took a Cheap Shot in Game 1

The Miami Heat may have won their first game against the Indiana Pacers, but that’s not stopping Indiana from trying to expose the Heat even when they’re not on the court against each other. Roy Hibbert was without a doubt the biggest topic in the sports world on Thursday but while everyone was focused on his absence on the court during the final 2.2 seconds of the game, the Indiana big man pointed to a play he called a cheap shot which happened much earlier.

Shane Battier was seen kneeing Hibbert in the groin while driving to the basket during Game 1 and while it looked inadvertent to the naked eye, Hibbert took to Twitter after the game to let the world know it very much wasn’t.

Hibbert calling out Battier is sort of a small victory for the Pacers but it’s really a meaningless one. Hibbert was trying to point to the fact that he was kneed on purpose but no one really cared about that small play while the big play not featuring the big man was the big story of the day.

But what it does show is that this series is going to be a physical one and the Heat are going to try and suck the Pacers into the same black hole of hate they did the Chicago Bulls. This stuff was going on in the Bulls series but rather than tweet about it after the game, the Bulls starting clobbering skulls on the court.

Indiana needs to recognize that the Heat are trying to suck them into the same vortex of ejections and heartbreak and if Indiana falls into the trap, this series won’t be nearly as long as we think it can be.

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