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SEC Football: Who Has Most Conference Wins Since 2001?

There is almost no true college football fan that can argue that anyone other than the SEC is the most dominant conference in the nation. If they do, they are either blinded by their favorite team’s colors or they simply have been living under a rock. Regardless, the Southeastern Conference is as good as it gets.

One of the aspects of the SEC that sets it apart from the others is the level of passionate fan bases and the historic rivalries that take place.

Everyone wants to know how you stack up against your rivals, so you will always hear debates about who has more Heisman Trophy winners or who has hoisted the most national championship trophies. Those are all good ways to compare who the most dominant team in the conference is, but there is also another way.

The folks at College Spun looked over the records of every SEC team since 2001 to determine who had the best winning percentage. When taking in to consideration of the conference record, College Spun did not include conference championship games. 

The results aren’t terribly surprising, but there are a few teams that could be a notch or two higher or lower than you would imagine.

Here are how all of the teams stack up:

  1. LSU – .729 winning percentage (70-26)
  2. Florida – .708 winning percentage (68-28)
  3. Georgia – .698 winning percentage (67-29)
  4. Alabama – .646 winning percentage (62-34)
  5. Auburn – .604 winning percentage (58-38)
  6. Tennessee – .531 winning percentage (51-45)
  7. South Carolina – .510 winning percentage (49-47)
  8. Arkansas - .500 winning percentage (48-48)
  9. Ole Miss – .344 winning percentage (33-63)
  10. Mississippi State - .263 winning percentage (26-70)
  11. Kentucky – .250 winning percentage (24-62)
  12. Vanderbilt – .208 winning percentage (20-76)

NOTE: Texas A&M and Missouri were not included in the list because they just joined the conference last season. If they were to be included, however, Missouri would be tied with Kentucky (.250), while the Aggies would hold the top spot (.750).

Despite Alabama’s recent dominance, they come in at only No. 4 on the list, but that is nothing to be ashamed of when you look at their success over the past few years. There is also the fact that many believe the SEC East, where Florida and Georgia reside, is the weakest of the two divisions within the conference.

Make of the conference records what you will, but it is not the only way to stack the SEC teams up against each other.

Every year there is a shift in power, but there is no denying LSU has had the most consistent success.

What do you make of the conference records since 2001? Sound off in the comments section and share your thoughts.

[H/T: College Spun]

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  • Serena

    Florida beat AL…haha..

    • tim

      damn straight! go gators!

      • Scott

        And Then Bama Made Tim Tebow cry like a bitch…..ROLL TIDE

        • tim

          Talk to me when bama has a QB that wins 2 national championships, a sugar bowl and has a heisman trophy.

          • Jim English

            talk to me when UF has 15 National Titles…..

  • J Todd Parker

    Hmm, Bama only passed Auburn last year. Interesting.

  • Andrew Watson

    Since 2001 the weakest division was not always the East. So don’t take away wins from the East teams because they might be seen as the weak division now. I remember when the West was weak. However now the East has Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina all of which were in National talk last year. West has Alabama, LSU, and I guess that one win over Bama puts A&M in the mix?! So seems pretty even now.

    • Aimee Howell Birdsong

      Exactly, Andrew! ^^^ And Go Dawgs. :)

  • zimp

    Does this include all those wins alabama had to vacate?

    • Alan Phillips

      Yes, they were counted as loses. If you count actual on the field wins, AL has the top spot

  • Mike E

    Why start with 2001? Why not look at the past 5, 10, or 15 years? Why did you pick 2001 = 12 years? Was it because that was when Alabama’s probation problems started and it made them look worse?

    • ray moore

      Because Mike, everybodys conspiring to make you unhappy