May 19, 2012; Munich, GERMANY; Chelsea defender Ashley Cole (3) carries the ball against Bayern Munich midfielder Thomas Muller (25) during the UEFA Champions League final at Allianz Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mitchell Gunn-USA TODAY Sports

Thomas Mülller says Bayern Munich couldn't handle losing 3rd Champions League in 4 years

For the third time in 4 years, Bayern Munich is in the Champions League Final. In 2010, Munich lost to Inter Milan 2-0 and then they failed to win the Champions League in their home stadium against Chelsea last year. They lost in penalty kicks in that contest. They are dangerously close to becoming the Buffalo Bills of European soccer.

“We have to win,” said Munich forward Thomas Müller. “If you lose three finals in four seasons you are going to be labelled chokers. We could win a lot in London but we could lose a lot, too.”

Winning in London, the backyard of the team that beat them in the Champions League is an interesting scenario but irrelevant as they’re playing their league rival in the Final.

“Every sportsman wants success. It is very important,” Müller said. “What would happen if you don’t win? Well, everyone has to cope with that themselves.”

A young local journalist asked Bayern Munich manager, Jupp Heynckes, if they could survive a third defeat in the final.

“You are a young man and young men should be optimistic. I have been a coach for 34 years and I’ve always looked forward. Be optimistic for us.”

Müller had a lot to say about this game:

“It’s a spicy game and I like spicy food. It’s great we’re playing Dortmund. Everything is about this final. Everything is big. Excitement is big. You can win and lose a lot.

“We were runners-up three times last season so we know where we want to go.

“In football you always look forward and it’s about the next game you play. Of course, you look back also but last year’s final and the one of three years ago has nothing to do with this game, apart from the players that played in those two games.

“Last year we’d loved to have won it. We have to win this cup — whether it is in Munich or London is not so important to me.

“It seems this season we’ve been stronger away from home than we have been at home so it’s looking good for us.

“The pressure is always there with Bayern but we can cope with it. We’re a stronger team now. The players developed and we made great signings that improved the team.”

“After Euro 2000, things have really changed. Two teams in the Champions League final is the proof of this.”

Is it safe to say he is focused?

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