Apr 17, 2013; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Mavericks forward Shawn Marion (0) dunks on fast break in the first quarter against the New Orleans Hornets at American Airlines Center. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Mavericks To Ask Shawn Marion To Opt-Out Of Contract?

The Dallas Mavericks have made no secret about their desire to be big players in the 2013 and 2014 free agent bonanzas.

With a team payroll that has already been heavily slashed and one that will be nearly non-existent come next Summer, the Mavericks are set up to go large in the free agent sweepstakes, but they’d like a bit of assistance from one of their own to do so this Summer.

Currently scheduled to make just over $9 million dollars on a player option, forward Shawn Marion will apparently be asked by the Mavericks to opt-out, only so the Mavericks can re-sign him to a smaller deal.

Per ESPN Dallas:

On how Dirk Nowitzki‘s intention to take a “significant” pay cut next summer will be incorporated into free agency sales pitches: “I just let Dirk say it. You know, we spent this weekend together [in Las Vegas]. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about what we’re going to do and how we’re going to do it.

“I’m setting up times with [Shawn Marion] to talk to him. I’ll talk to Vince [Carter]. We’re going through and trying to get feedback from all of our guys. With Dirk, it’s obviously more important because of the contractual scenario.

For Marion, it’s a tough call. His name has already popped up in multiple trade rumors and refusing to take a pay-cut could eventually lead to being moved out of Big D, especially if Mavericks owner Mark Cuban zeros in on a big ticket free agent.

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  • drainr

    I think you should strech Provision with Carter, makes 1m 3y CAP and sign him always for minimun of 1,4million after the CAP is full the next three years.

    And Marion should ETO, Mavs can sign him always after the CAP is full the next 3years for Vet Min 5m a years.

    Trading Cunningham and the 46th out Mavs will have only Nowitzki and Crowder with 23,5 ,million on the payroll. Deducting 10 Cap spots of 0,5 Million Mavs will have around 30 Million CAP !! And still Carter, Marion and Nowitzki on the roster !!!
    Sign & Trade Kaman, Collison to have additonal outgoing value ~9m and I think it should be possible to sign & trade Howard AND Paul for 18 Million each.
    E.G. Send Kaman 5,5 Million (MLE) and the 13th pick to Oklahoma and get the future pick pack. Send Collison to Clippers, and let 18 Million trade exception there and get Paul, Hill back and receive Howard, Duhon while leaving 18 Million trade exception at the Lakers.
    Re Sign Mayo, Morrow, Beaubois, Weight and sign Marion for MLE and Carter, James, Brand and ONeal for Minimum. Take Duhon (3,5) additional to Hill (2) with MLE.
    Cuban have to pay much luxury tax a year but will have a strong contender!
    Howard, Wright, ONeal
    Nowitzki, Hill, Brand
    Marion, Carter, Crowder
    Mayo, Morrow, Beaubois
    Paul, Duhon, James

    • drainr

      Lakers can sign Smith and Clippers can sign Iguodala with the trade exception – so they should agree, they will have also good roster! OKC get a productive Center with Kaman and can add Talent with the 13th!
      Lakers (Smith & Gasol should work better as Gasol & Howard !):
      Clippers (Cloud a better team with Bledsoe/Collison AND Iguodala as in 2013 !):