Oct 28, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young (16) celebrates after scoring a touchdown in the fourth quarter against the Seattle Seahawks at Ford Field. Detroit Lions defeated the Seattle Seahawks 28-24. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Titus Young Declined NFL's Offer to Help 'Multiple Times'

Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young remains jailed in California after a string of arrests earlier this month. It is clear that Young is seriously troubled, but it looks like he had the opportunity to get some help in the past. According to NFL director of player engagement Troy Vincent, the league tried “multiple times” to get Young help after someone close to him expressed concern about the direction he was heading.

“It was someone very, very close to him who was just concerned – really concerned,” Vincent told Eric Adelson of Yahoo! Sports. “Once we got the call, we sent someone out to meet with him.

We were told he was not interested in support. We went to people very close to his center of influence, to reach out to see how we can support him. The response was of someone who is not open arms to being supported.”

It is great to see that Young’s former teammates are reaching out and showing their support, while the league did what they could in hopes of helping Young stay on the right path. Unfortunately for Young, he wasn’t open to accepting the help.

“We can reach out, which we have done,” Vincent said. “We look to assist and support – to get him on track. We’ve reached out. We have been reaching out prior to his last incident. We’ve been working hard for quite some time in this situation. Everything is available to him.”

“We will be on call to support. That’s all we can do. We are here. We are on call. Our support team is here for you. Unless he engages back, all we can do is sit and be on call. “

It shouldn’t be surprising that Young wasn’t open to the help and likely didn’t realize that he had a problem at that time, but hopefully this recent situation he has found himself in will be what he needs to open his eyes and get the help that he really needs.

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