Utah Jazz Talking to Jerry Sloan About Possible Return to Franchise


Jerry Sloan is one of the greatest coaches to have ever graced the NBA, and the Utah Jazz were lucky enough to have him carve out his legacy on their sideline. Either their feeling nostalgic or they know a great NBA mind when they see one but the Jazz are talking with their former head coach about a possible reunion that would return Sloan to a position within the organization.

The relationship ended abruptly back in 2011 but Sloan and the Jazz are flirting once again and it’s looking like they might become more than just friends again.

“That’s up to (them). That’s a situation that’s strictly up to Ty or somebody in the Jazz organization,” Sloan said about a possible reunion with the Jazz, via the Deseret News. “If they want me around, fine. If they don’t, (fine). They’d talked to me a little bit about it a little bit earlier.”

Getting Sloan a position in the orginization wouldn’t be something that returns him to coaching and it’s highly unlikely that he’s take on the general manager role. Instead, Sloan would get his feet wet again as a consultant with the Jazz, who are about to go undergo a pretty aggressive facelift this offseason.

Both Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson are expected to sign elsewhere this offseason and the Jazz will need a guy who understands the rebuilding process and has an eye for talent. Sloan is also a guy who would know what to do with the talent found and lured in, and while he’s talked to other organizations about roles in their power structure, if he returns Sloan is going to come back to Utah.

Nothing has been made official and the two sides are still flirting, but we could move into the heavy petting phase shortly and it won’t be long after that Sloan finds himself once again pointing the Jazz in the right direction.

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