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Report: Brooklyn Nets Among Three Teams to Reach Out to Head Coach Larry Brown

Larry Brown may be on his way back to the NBA as according to ZagsBlog and, as many as three NBA teams have reached out to the former head coach with interest in bringing him aboard. The report states that the Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76ers and an unnamed third team beleived to be the Los Angeles Clippers have contacted Brown about returning to the pros as a head coach.

ZagsBlog specified that the true identity of the third unnamed team may or may not be the Clippers as their source had to speak with anonymity.

The source said a third team, possibly the Los Angeles Clippers, has also reached out to Brown, 72. The source requested anonymity because he is not authorized to speak publicly for Brown.

Of the teams mentioned, the most logical landing spot for Brown is in Brooklyn where old friend Billy King still presides over general manager duties for the Nets. Brown and King were paired up back when they both held identical positions of power with the 76ers that they would if Brown decides to come back to the NBA and chooses Brooklyn as the place he wants to do it.

Brown is currently the head coach at Southern Methodist University and this is really the first we’re hearing of teams coming to him with interest in giving him a head coaching job. The idea had to have been kicked around the rumor mill long before this latest bit of news and there’s still no indication beyond ZagBlog’s unnamed source that Brown will be returning to the NBA.

But it makes sense and the destinations listed indeed fit the bill of places Brown could likely end up if he decides to return. That unnamed third team is something to watch as while it could be the Clippers, there are more than a few teams currently looking to fill their head coaching vacancies and it all comes down to how badly Brown wants to return to the NBA.

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