Oct 30, 2011; Denver, CO, USA; Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young runs after a catch during the first quarter against the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Titus Young Never Knew He Was Cut From St. Louis Rams

The tragic saga of NFL wide receiver Titus Young seems to take on a depressing new turn each day. From his on-field meltdowns to his numerous arrests and word that he’s suffering from a mental disorder, Titus Young is a guy you pity rather than hate. For his family and friends though, that pity is laced with fear and agony as each day that passes is filled with unanswered questions about Young’s wellbeing.

Young’s former high school head coach E.C. Robinson spoke with the Associated Press and painted a heartbreaking picture of a young man lost in his own mind. Robinson told the AP that a few months after he started to notice a decline in Young’s mental health, his daughter had to pull Young back from wandering into oncoming traffic in front of their house. Robinson also said that Young was unaware of the fact he had been cut by the Rams days after the transaction had already taken place.

“He shouldn’t be out on the streets,” Robinson said, via Schuyler Dixon. “The day he left my house, I was scared. I mean, you’ve got a loose cannon out there that could go off anytime.”

The case Dixon was making in his piece was that the NFL needs to take notice of what’s happening to it’s players, and he’s spot on when he makes that assertion. He brings up Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher and the tragic end his story had, and we can’t forget an incident like that when it comes to Young.
We were blind sided by Belcher but with Young we’re painfully watching the wheels peel off the side of the train as it melts down on top of Young’s life. And while Dixon focuses on the NFL, mental health is a growing issue in the world today and there examples of Titus Young all over the country in every facet of life. The question is what are we doing to help because Titus Young’s family isn’t the only one going to bed tonight not knowing if their troubled son will be alive tomorrow.

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