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Is There a Brian Shaw Bidding War Brewing Between Nuggets, Nets and Clippers?

There are a slew of NBA teams looking to get the head coach they want to take their team to the next level, but they reportedly all want the same guy. Kevin Helin of ProBasketballTalk pieced together numerous reports and came to the determination that we may be on the verge of a Brian Shaw bidding war that involves the Denver Nuggets, Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Clippers.

Sam Amick from USA Today noted in his column on Friday that the Denver Nuggets have their heart set on Indiana Pacers assistant head coach Brian Shaw and value his youth as something that gels with a youthful team. Meanwhile there have been reports from ESPN Los Angeles that Shaw is also the “front runner” to land the job with the Clippers and that he may even be holding out for the gig.

To thicken the plot, reports have been surfacing for the better part of a week that the Brooklyn Nets love Shaw and want to bring him in and talk to him about taking over their young team as well.

So what do you get when you have all these reports about one guy and multiple teams? Besides a splitting migraine, logic suggests that we’re bracing ourselves for a bidding war.

Helin brilliantly points out that the Clippers, Nets and Nuggets were all within the top four seeds of the NBA Playoffs this season and all are places Shaw won’t have to work hard to build contenders. Shaw would be coming from the Indiana Pacers who came within 48 minutes of making it to the NBA Finals, so winning in the postseason and going deep into the playoffs is something very fresh in his mind.

Right now the leverage seems to be with the Clippers since there were early reports that Shaw may be holding out for that job to come his way. But if all three teams want Shaw bad enough, or if any two of them do, we may see a bidding war for the services of Shaw and such a thing only takes expectations to another level right off the bat.

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  • HoosierHistory83

    Brian Shaw is such a great coach. At Indiana he is not called an assistant head coach, he is called the Pacers associate head coach. He was perfect to have with a young coach like Vogel. Shaw is great at developing young players. Like Vogel he is also a player’s coach. Team members really like him, with Vogel and Shaw the Pacers were a very very close team. Shaw was very important in the development of many on that young Pacers team. Larry Bird gave him an interview for the head coaching job in Indiana even though he felt at the time the team needed an experienced coach. (Jim O’Brien got the job, and when he was fired Vogel turned the team around) Bird told Brian Shaw right away he was not getting the job, but he felt Shaw should be a head coach and wanted to get his name out in head coaching circles. From then on his name has circulated around as a head coach. Lots of players and coaches like him a lot, but he has high praise and support from Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. That alone allowed him to wait for the right job. That is high praise for Brian Shaw’s ability to coach. That pretty much says everything.