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LSU Fans Shaves 'LSU' Into His Chest Hair for Super Regionals (Photo)

Fans of the SEC make crazy people look sane, which is why they’re the most passionate and enthusiastic fanbase in all of sports. Within the craziness of the SEC are LSU Tiger fans who lead the pack when it comes to showing off their team pride no matter the sport. Alabama fans come out to support the Crimson Tide football team but LSU fans take any sporting event as an opportinity to cheer ont heir team.

For the best example of this, look no further than the Super Regionals that lead to the College Baseball World Series and one very passionate Tigers fan. We’ve heard of painting your team onto your body but this fan went a step further and shaved his favorite team’s name into his chest hair.

So the next time you think about doubting the LSU Tigers, just remember that no matter what happens in what sport, someone somewhere has ‘LSU’ shaved into their chest. The Tigers look to be on their way to possibly making a run through the College World Series in Omaha and it seems they might have found their lucky charm to rally around as they try to bring home a title to the Bayou.


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