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College Football Teams to Wear Logos on Facemasks? (Photo)

College football teams are trying more and more to be the talk of the nation because of the uniforms that set them apart from the competition. While chrome helmets. matte black helmets and fifty jersey combinations has been the trend, there is something new that we could see coming to college football in the near future. How does “logos on the facemasks” sound to you?

There is a company out there named B.A. Masks (which we have to assume stands for “Bad Ass”) that has been dabbling around with the idea, and ESPN’s Darren Rovell shared an image of the Arizona Wildcats concept on Twitter.

So how does the logo on facemask concept look? Check it out:

Well, my first impression is that it looks hideous and unnecessary.

If anything, it makes the facemasks look bulkier and it allows more opportunity for opponents to slide their fingers through the mask.

The second thing that comes to mind is that this would be easy for the teams with basic letters as logos (if they would want this hideous thing on their facemask), but but what happens to a team with a more intricate logo? Something tells me you aren’t going to see a Nittany Lion or LSU Tiger gracing a facemask and you sure as hell won’t see Notre Dame’s leprechaun.

This may work for a few schools that has no sense of shame and don’t mind having hideous block letters protecting their grills, but let’s hope that this isn’t a trend that will catch on anytime soon.

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