Nov 26, 2011; Atlanta, GA, USA; Georgia Bulldogs tight end Aron White (81) and linebacker Christian Robinson (45) plant the Georgia flag on the 50 yard line after the game against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Bobby Dodd Stadium. Georgia defeated Georgia Tech 31-17. Mandatory Credit: Josh D. Weiss-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Bulldogs’ John Atkins Arrested For License Violation

During a time where a lot of college football players are finding trouble and getting themselves arrested, when I first saw the headline from that Georgia Bulldogs defensive lineman John Atkins was arrested, I thought to myself, “Here we go again”. After reading the report that quickly changed to, “Are you serious?” Yes, it is true that Atkins was arrested and charged for a license violation by the Georgia police and booked in Athens-Clarke County jail, but the details may leave you slapping your head.

Atkins was released on a bond of $1,000, but that doesn’t take away from what happened.

According to the report, Atkins was going to meet his mother so he could get his hands on his birth certificate and social security card before an appointment at the Georgia Driver’s License office to resolve an issue with his drivers license when he was pulled over for a seat belt violation. When the police officer got to his car, he learned that Atkins had only a learner’s permit and there was no adult supervision.

Because of this, Atkins was arrested and charged before he ever got to meet with his mother to get the documents that would have resolved the issues for what he was arrested. Apparently they are real serious with this  “Click It Or Ticket” thing.

It seems a bit unfair, but Atkins should have been more away and this could have all been avoided.

Georgia has said that they are reviewing the situation and that any discipline will be handled internally. Thankfully, it appears that head coach Mark Richt will not take away any playing time from the freshman defensive tackle.

“I am aware of the situation involving John Atkins, and the discipline will be handled internally. It will not involve any playing time,” Richt said in a statement.

In the end, I guess the law is the law, so he has to pay whatever fines may come his way, but let this be a lesson to us all. Next time your mother asks you to meet her for very important documents that you need, tell her to stop on over and just cite the Atkins incident.

Oh, and kids, buckle up!

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  • Buxton2276

    Yea… it’s a damn crime, and you people saying that he shouldn’t have gotten in trouble are the reason that athletes in this country think that they are above the law and I have the sneaking suspicion that it wasn’t the first time he had driven without a license… athletes are not above the law, but you idiots that are acting like it’s absurd that he got arrested are the same people that make athletes believe that they can do whatever they want… morons…

    • James Bryant

      It is a traffic regulation violation not a “crime”. Egad get off your high horse.

      • Buxton2276

        Is it against the law? Yes… Morons like you are the reason we’ve got athletes that think that they’re above the law… idiot

        • Joseph King

          So you never speed when you drive? If so you are breaking the law, idiot! Glass houses.

          • Buxton2276

            You moron, I’m not saying that I’m better than him… I’m saying that he broke the law and deserved to pay the consequences, you people that think that he should get special treatment are the reason athletes break the law constantly…

          • Joseph King

            Who said he deserves special treatment? You don’t know how this played out. He could have been a victim of racial profiling or he could have just been doing something stupid. Either way, it’s a minor violation. Let the punishment fit the crime. Being arrested is a bit much for a license violation and I think that’s the point people were trying to make. You’re going on about it like he committed the most heinous crimes imaginable and that is only because he is some what famous. I made a comment about people like you who judge everyone else on the internet for what happens in their lives. You make yourself look even more stupid by saying that we wouldn’t care or hear about this if he wasn’t an athlete but you’re the one posting non-stop about it like a lunatic. Shut up and go worry about your life and stop being upset that no one cares about what happens in yours.

  • Das

    I’m glad he was cited, for one someone of “noteworthy” statute was ticketed and held to it.

  • Johnesmith77

    Athens cops are terrible, they will do whatever they can to make money for the city. Yes he broke the law, but give the kid a break he was actually going to try to get his real license. That’s part of the problem with today’s society, there are so many people that cops act indiscriminately like machines. Especially in Athens and other big cities where they are more worried about underage drinkers than the poverty and crime that takes place in the black parts of town. Athens-Clarke County is the 3rd or 4th most poor county with a population greater than 100,000 in the US. They know they can’t get any money off those people, so they try hard to get it from the people with money. In addition, ticket laws are stupid and unconstitutional.

    • Buxton2276

      Would you care if he wasn’t an athlete? Would we have even found out about this if he wasn’t an athlete? People like you tell these kids that they’re above the law… and FYI, just because he says that he was on his way to get his license doesn’t mean that he actually was…

  • Marguerite Turner White

    Another case of kids being harassed by police! This isn’t about public safety but about police department levying fines! It is also harsh that college players could lose playing time or scholarships over these instances when the general college population only has to pay their fine. It is time to take back our police forces…they are paid to “serve and protect” not to harass kids!

    • Buxton2276

      So… you think that drivers licenses should be done away with?

      • Marguerite Turner White

        Absolutely not but if the police were not out “trolling” this young man could have gotten his business taken care of…no harm no foul! Should he have done so previously…sure…but we all make mistakes: forget about something that is due (like a bill or getting a tag renewed!). He made a mistake and because he is a football player, it is magnified. Point I’m trying to make here is this…the police need to stop over reaching their authority…they need to STOP trolling and maybe respect for the police would return. Case in point…my almost 17 yr old son was hassled tonight by the police. He took a friend home then got a text from his girl friend so he pulled over at the neighborhood park to respond. While responding a cop came up and started the whole 20 questions…What are you doing? How much have you had to drink? etc etc etc. Now- we preach to the kids NOT to talk/text and drive and when they do what they are asked to do, they get hassled by the police. It is WRONG and goes beyond their scope of responsibilities. And we wonder why no one has respect for law enforcement anymore!

  • Danny Sims

    Need to do away with the seat belt law.

    • Buxton2276

      Even if you take away the seatbelt violation, driving without a license is a crime

      • Scott Smith

        Yes it is a crime but not a felony. Give him a ticket and send him on his way. Cops are always out for their own good. Show me an honest cop and I will show you an honest politician.

        • Douglas N. Meredith

          Actually Scott, driving without a license in GA is a felony (after your third offense). It was passed into law in 2005 because of issues with illegal immigrants driving and getting caught. That’s why you are booked and finger printed when caught. It’s so they can keep track of how many times you were nabbed driving without a license.

          • Scott Smith

            After their third offense, this was his first so explain that for me.

          • Douglas N. Meredith

            I guess you failed to read that driving without a license gets you fingerprinted and booked into jail EVERY time so that they can keep track of how many times it happens. The first two are tickets and release. The third causes you to be charged with a felony.