Chad Johnson Slaps Attorney's Butt (GIF)

GIF via CBS Sports from TMZ video

Former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson reportedly failed to to report to his probation officer on two separate occasions and failed to show proof of enrollment in a domestic violence education class, which resulted in a parole violation and landed him in front of a judge on Monday morning to discuss the situation. When Johnson was in the room, he apparently slapped his attorney on the butt and the judge did not take too kindly to it.

Johnson was before Broward County Judge Kathleen McHugh when he slapped his attorney, and Judge McHugh felt that Johnson was making a mockery out of the hearing and not taking his crime seriously. As a result, McHugh had Johnson’s parole revoked and had him arrested. Johnson will serve 30 days behind bars as a result of the playful butt slap.

Of course, domestic violence is no joking matter, but the fact that Johnson reportedly got 30 days because of the butt slap is almost as comical as the butt fumble.

We were hesitant to believe that the reports were true, but now a GIF has surfaced that indeed shows Johnson slapping his attorney’s ass. That’s not how you say “good job” in a court room, Chad.

[H/T: CBS Sports]

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