NBA Trade Rumors: Orlando Magic's Options With No. 2 Pick

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March 10, 2013; Orlando FL, USA; Orlando Magic head coach Jacque Vaughn talks with point guard Jameer Nelson (14), small forward Tobias Harris (12), point guard Beno Udrih (19), center Nikola Vucevic (9) and teammates during the second half against the Philadelphia 76ers at Amway Center. Orlando Magic defeated the Philadelphia 76ers 99-91. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors – Recent rumors have suggested that the Orlando Magic will be shopping their pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. As you can imagine, the second overall pick is a great commodity to have and a lot of teams will be interested in doing business with Orlando.

It’s understandable that the Magic are looking to move the pick. Such a high pick will always attract a lot of interest, but the lack of a player with unquestionable superstar potential in this year’s class means that Orlando likely won’t find a player that will instantly take the team to the next level, and speed up the rebuilding process.

But who can the Magic get for the second overall pick? Orlando will likely look to move one or two of their bad contracts together with the pick, and ideally look for a player that is good enough to build around. While superstars will be hard to come by, the Magic could also look for solid role players that could either be implemented into the team or packaged into another trade.

Here are a couple of trade suggestions. Keep in mind that this is just my personal subjective analysis and it’s not based on any kind of legitimate rumors. As such, there is a possibility that what you read below may appear as the ramblings of a mad man.

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  • EmanMasterOfTheUniverse

    From what I’ve seen from Orlando’s new GM, I don’t think they’d pursue Cousins. And as a fan, I sincerely hope they wouldn’t trade anything for Gordon. I definitely don’t want to give 1/4 of the salary cap to someone who “might be a nice fit.” If Afflalo is overpaid they are going to have to come up with a much more severe adjective for Gordon’s situation.

  • Mitch Rogers

    horrible….. sorry man, but damn, just not at all a good article, explain to my why OM would trade Vuch for a troubled Cousins? we already have a better center and one who promises to continue to develop withOUT all the attitude issues (which Orlando has historically hated, Character flaws)

    • EmanMasterOfTheUniverse

      Orlando has always hated character problems, but they have only recently started avoiding them. Howard and Penny jump to mind as being coach killers of Orlando’s not-so-distant past.

    • EmanMasterOfTheUniverse

      Oh, and how did I forget Tracy McGrady?

  • Paul Minicucci

    Wow, You can count on one thing at draft time. Some nut bag thinks the Kings will trade away their team for expiring contracts. It’s like not one second is spent on a trade from the Kings perspective. they are like the old KC A’s trading every good player to the Yankess for washed up trash. Al Harrington? O’Quinn? (are you sure he is in the league). And what pray tell can the Kings get at #2 they might not get at #7? Porter maybe.

    And for that they give up a proven 18 ppg player in Thornton, THE BEST upcoming PG in Thomas. Check out his last ten games when the owners told Keith Smart to let him play. 19 ppg, 7 assists.

    And then like every, I mean every other writer homey who is jerking off waiting for Cousins to drop into their lap.(MITCH WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING DUDE.Vucevic is a real comer but you don’t trade away what many GMs have called the best big man in NBA). Colangelo changed his tune quick. So yeah let’s give the Magic Evans, J-Thompson and Cousins for 2nd pick and expiring contracts.

    A rookie GM is not, repeat after me meat-head, is not going to trade Cousins for anyone. The owner loves him, the coach loves him, the fans love him. Cousins wants to remain a King for years to come. I will pick the gnats off the gorilla above should the Kings trade Cousins to Magic.

    Short Script:

    Magic GM:Hey newbie Kings guy, Want to make your boss really happy?

    Kings: Yeah, ah- golly pshaw, sure. What gotta I do?

    Magic: Well you got these young guys who a real tall, and score 18 ppg with 11 rebounds, and 2 assists who overpowers everyone he faces?

    Kings: I have Shaq?

    Magic; No, but close. see Cousins is a star. Stars do not play for Sacramento, they play for NY, or Boston or the Lakers or in our case the Magic.

    Kings: Yeah, so that’s how you guys won 20 games?

    Magic: never mind that, we were playing possum.

    Kings: How did that work for you?

    Magic: It gets you the second pick in the draft numbnuts.

    Kings; We grow numbnuts in Sacramento. You know cow-bells and such. We aren’t a real city like orlandisneylando. We’re only the Capitol of California,

    Magic; that’s your problem. So how about it. You send us the 7th pick, Cousins, Thornton, Evans, Thompson, Patterson and we send you oooohhhh listen to this…

    Kings: Cousins Baaaaaaad. O’Quinn Gooood. This is gonna be good huh?

    Magic: Oh yeah. We send you Al Harrington and the 2nd pick and because we are good guys we will add in Hedo Turkoglu, Beno, and some other Developmental players. What do you say.

    Kings; I like it but didn’t the Kings have Hedo and Beno when they were good and young?

    Magic: Don’t sweat the details dude. You are over-thinking this. So what, they will be again.

    Kings; OOOhhh. Can I give you next year’s first round pick. I won’t need it.

    Magic. Sure kid.

    Kings: And my boss gonna like this trade?

    Magic; You guys are rebuilding, that’s what you do when you rebuild.

    Kings; Wait, didn’t you guys lose like eight more games than we did? Aren’t you rebuilding?

    Magic: No, no. We are “reloading.” We are like perennial champions in waiting about to be Magic.

    Kings; Oh right. i forgot. We give you all the good players and then you win and we get high draft choices, which we give away the next year because we are in chaos.

    Magic: Something like that. Besides, all you got to do is ask this “PUNDIT” named VYTIS Lasaitis.

    Kings: I think I had that once.

    Magic: I am sure you did. I am sure of that.

    • EmanMasterOfTheUniverse

      Orlando would have lost on every trade proposed by the author, with the possible exception of the one with the Kings that didn’t involve Cousins. Which is exactly why the King’s wouldn’t do those trades. They are like the Indians from Major League sometimes with their personnel decisions.

  • Brett Albright

    Trade Afflalo and Harrington and the #2 pick to utah for Jefferson and pick 14 & 21