May 20, 2013; Alameda, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (6) throws a pass at organized team activities at the Raiders practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders Minicamp: Terrelle Pryor Looks Unimpressive

Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor has seemed to be on the verge of a breakout season last year, but he has failed to do much of anything and this offseason he continues to show a lack of all-around improvement. Coming in to the league Pryor was a kid with a lot of upside, but that upside has never become anything. Now, in a battle with rookie Tyler Wilson for No. 2 quarterback job, Pryor could be in some trouble.

From Vic Tafur:

It is stunning that someone with so much talent can never show any signs of improvement, but then we remember this is the same organization that produced JaMarcus Russell. To be fair, however, this is a totally different Raiders coaching staff now and they are trying to do things the right way and change the direction of the franchise.

If Pryor doesn’t get it together by training camp, he could find himself in the No. 3 spot and potentially even struggling to keep his roster spot.

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  • Stanley Carr

    Y so many negative articles on Pryor.. Seeing as u didn’t say anything about how great Wilson n Flynn looks they must have struggled too, strange how that’s not being reported!

    • joshsanchez

      There have actually been nothing but positive reviews on Wilson so far this offseason.

      • Jay Haskins

        Bull#$%^! Wilson had a TERRIBLE day yesterday, so did Flynn. Stop lying!

    • Jay Haskins

      @Stanley: Exactly!!!!!!!

      • SilverFox

        All three of these guys aren’t the answer. 6-12 at best until we find a real qb

      • Stanley Carr

        I know these cats just hating on Pryor. They suck on Wilson when The coach says he has a long way to go nothing is said. I am a raider fan so I will pull for whoever wins the qb job, but every freaking article is negative about Pryor. had a n interview with Pryor n he talked about it n said its nonsense! Go Raiders!

  • Tim Martindale

    I agree with Stanley if your gonna tell us how bad Pryor looks tell is how good the other two are. It ain’t a secret that tafur doesn’t like Pryor

  • Hangtownie

    My gut feel – Pryor won’t make the final 53 roster. He should think about becoming a receiver.

  • Miles

    Pre season is the place to judge any player, let alone one of Pryor’s skill set! Did Russell Wilson win the starting gig in Seattle because of his outstanding mini camp? No it was deep in pre season after some great performances. So let’s cut the bullshit and wait until we see all throw QB’s under pressure. Remember how good Jamarcus Russell looked throwing to open receivers then couldn’t play for shit in a real game situation?

  • Jay Haskins

    Hey TP6 hater writer. This is MINI CAMP!!! Why did I say TP6 hater writer? Because he chose NOT to report that ALL the QBs suffered thru a bad day, not just TP, due to trying to learn a Olsen’s system. DA said he expected it because of all the installations, but also expected them to ready for camp. Look it up. Flynn threw wobbly terrible passes, Wilson was intercepted twice. But all this hater Josh Sanchez wants to do is highlight Pryor. He’ll be fine when he learns Olsen’s system, and they start playing some games. Sanchez huh? Any relation to Mark Sanchez? Because this is the butt fumble of articles

  • Jay Haskins

    This is a butt fumble article. Here is an example of real reporting. A complete story of what REALLY happened

  • Steve the Guitarist

    This is NOT the “same organization that produced JaMarcus Russell!” If you’d done even a tiny bit of research, you’d know that there’s been an entire change of staff and coaches. Your ignorance is showing.

    • joshsanchez

      I think you missed the next sentence.

  • Smid Ball

    Raiders brought a dude of the couch to play QB and lost. Start the critical thinking at the top. The NCAA attack the young man like he was a villain. Messed up his senior season and draft position. Al Davis made a great choice RIP. Now find a coach who can exploit the young mans talents. Look at all the average QB`s in the league that have been given a chance and failed. Football in shorts is not FOOTBALL Idiots? Give the man a real opportunity before you bury him…….like you did the old dude.