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MLB Teams Ranked Based on Run Differential

Run differential is a pretty interesting tool. In a nutshell, run differential is the difference between the amount of runs that a team scores than the amount of runs that a team gives up. Actually, scrap the nutshell, that’s exactly what it is. Run differential, while not entirely ideal on its own, gives a pretty good look into the relative strength of a team. The reasoning behind this is that run differential includes almost all necessary parameters in determining success: Offense (runs scored), defense (runs allowed), pitching (runs allowed), and timely hitting (runs scored.)

So, without further ado, here are the teams in baseball ranked by their run differential:

30. Houston Astros, -103 (5th place, AL West)

29. Miami Marlins, -87 (5th place, NL East)

28. New York Mets, -53 (4th place, NL East)

27. Milwaukee Brewers, -48 (4th place, NL Central)

26. Los Angeles Dodgers, -43 (5th place, NL West)

25. Seattle Mariners, -42 (3rd place, AL West)

24. Philadelphia Phillies, -42 (3rd place, NL East)

23. Toronto Blue Jays, -35 (5th place, AL East)

22. Chicago White Sox, -33 (5th place, AL Central)

21. Washington Nationals, -32 (2nd place, NL East)

20. Minnesota Twins, -25 (4th place, AL Central)

19. Los Angeles Angels, -24 (4th place, AL West)

18. San Diego Padres, -24 (4th place, NL West)

17. Chicago Cubs, -17 (5th place, NL Central)

16. San Francisco Giants, -16 (3rd place, NL West)

15. Kansas City Royals, +4 (3rd place, AL Central)

14. Cleveland Indians, +5 (2nd place, AL Central)

13. New York Yankees, +14 (2nd place, AL East)

12. Baltimore Orioles, +15 (3rd place, AL East)

11. Arizona Diamondbacks, +19 (1st place, NL West)  [worst division leading team]

10. Pittsburgh Pirates, +20 (T-2nd place, NL Central)

9. Tampa Bay Rays, +30 (4th place, AL East)

8. Texas Rangers, +41 (1st place, AL West)

7. Colorado Rockies, +41 (2nd place, NL West)

6. Oakland A’s, +43 (2nd place, AL West)

5. Cincinnati Reds, +64 (T-2nd place, NL Central)

4. Atlanta Braves, +64 (1st place, NL East)

3. Boston Red Sox, +77 (1st place, AL East)

2. Detroit Tigers, +82 (1st place, AL Central)

1. St. Louis Cardinals, +105 (1st place, NL Central)


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