Jun 11, 2013; San Antonio, TX, USA; San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat stand during the National Anthem prior to game three of he 2013 NBA Finals at the AT

Mexican-American Boy Sings National Anthem Again; Racism Continues to Pour on Twitter

Before the San Antonio Spurs dominated the Miami Heat in Game 3 of the NBA Finals, 11-year-old Mexican-American Sebastien De La Cruz sang the national anthem at the AT&T Center. Unfortunately, the ignorance came piling out on social media as soon as De La Cruz was finished with people spouting off racist and insensitive comments about why he would be singing the anthem.

For Game 4, people had their shot at redemption when the young boy got another crack at the anthem which he performed well, but the ignorance continued.

Here are some of the comments that Twitter users have been saying:

WARNING: There is some offensive and vulgar language below. Tweets feature racist, insensitive or offensive remarks.








I’m sure their mothers are proud.

Do you have a problem with De La Cruz singing the national anthem or is it great to see a young man get this honor and show his proud heritage on a national stage? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  • Cam

    My God some people are just disgusting, which is why social media can be a problem because it gives them a platform to voice their bigoted views…

  • JDH

    I love that first, he had the courage to sing in front of millions at his age. Secondly, this is the state of race relations in America today, This is no longer a ‘fringe’ feeling, and it is embarrassing and quite pathetic. And people like above, the ones who made those comments, are not only regular citizens but many are in positions of power. Some are CEO’s, some are in congress (like that’s a surprise!), who actually make legislation that affects everyone and that is shameful. It seems that fringe element has spoken so audaciously and so out in the open that it has given those who were in the closet the confidence and audacity to come out of the closet and reveal themselves. Like I said before, this is not from a fringe element of the population who feels that way, I believe its simply the way the majority of white America feels, because they have always felt that way. Think about this…if Mexican’s looked like Canadians would the majority in this country care about immigration? I am not the first person to ask that question…in fact, i got it from Marco Rubio, who put it in his book. What do you guys think? Do you think anyone would care about immigration if Mexicans looked like Canadians?

    • Guest Speaker

      “Latinos” are not a race. The majority of them are white people. And if the majority of our illegals were from Canada, you can bet people would still have an issue with it. Especially the immigrants who are waiting in line and seeing line cutters being rewqarded for disrespceting our simple rules.

  • Sue Bentley Hurtado

    I can not see anything wrong with this child singing the national anthem……..and better than some that were born and raised here but as we all know we do have stupid people in this world

  • http://www.facebook.com/allen.karmelin Allen Karmelin

    I feel sorry for the boy. I’m sure he’s American. Who cares what his heritage is. Other than native Americans we are all immigrants!!

    • Guest Speaker

      There are no “native” Americans. The pre-Columbian inhabitants immigrated from Siberia and Altai. They did wars against future immigrants and genocided neighboring tribes. When Columbus came, the people he met were just the current occupiers.

  • Donna Ramsey

    I think he did a FINE job!!! He looked very proud to be singing our anthym. I don’t care what nationality he is, he should be happy that he did such a great job. I have seen professional singers that can’t nail the words to that song. Be happy young man, I am VERY proud of you for a job well done. And you looked very handsome!!!!

  • Mike Straw Jr.

    What ingrates seem to not understand is that there is a LARGE Mexican population in San Antonio. Good for them for recognizing and embracing the people in their city.

    • Guest Speaker

      How would Mexicans feel if this kid sang at a soccer match in Mexico City draped in the American flag? Or if he sang the Star Spangled Banner instead of their anthem? You can bet they would riot.

      • joshsanchez

        Umm, that is completely different. Considering this kid is American I don’t see your faulty comparison.

        • Guest Speaker

          It’s simple national pride. If this kid went to Mexico and sang our anthem they would get upset, and rightly so. Not because he was born in America, but because he is an American disrespecting their national symbols. There is a reason why we take off our hats and put our hands on our heart when singing the anthem. It doesn’t mean we are dissing the cultures that our ancestors came from. It means we are proud of being an American. We are one. We respect our past but honor the nation we are living in and a citizen of. It’s called allegiance. Being a patriot… There is a reason why the American flag is always flown the highest, though we may fly another flag next to it. There is a reason why we would never tolerate Kate Middleton signing God Save the Queen when asked to sing our anthem at an American game.

  • Rosie

    I don,t beleive he wore attire representative of his mexican heritage to offend or be disrespectful to our country while singing the national anthem. On the contrary,San Antonio is rich with mexican history and I am certain that whoemever made the choice,whether individually or collectively simply meant it as a compliment. The racism does not surprise me however, because It is fundamentally based on ignorance and hate and fueled by fear. Fear of things we do not understand or have little or no knowledge about. I am of mexican heritage and I love the U.S.A,it is my country and the only place I call home. If I could sng like him, you can bet I would consider it an honor and belt it out with such pride. The pride I saw in that little boy’s face was obvious! The courage it took to do it agan says so much about his character and strength. I don’t think it should matter whether or not he is a natural born citizen,documented or undocumented. He is a child and anyone who does not take that into consideration is lacks compassion,understanding,tolerance and intellect. My uncles are mexican,they fought in Vietnam,my brothers are mexican and served in the armed forces honorably. My nephews are mexican and served in Iraq and Afghanistan.We are proud and we seek to continue to educate ourselves and serve our country and contribute to our great nation’s evolution. Not long ago, colored people were oppressed,anyone who was not of white skin was considered colored not just African-Americans. Does Hitler come to mind? Hmmm in Europe where there weren’t mexicans. The Holocaust? hmmm no mexicans. Stalin? He hurt he starved and condemned his own people,no mexicans there either. All this hatred and racism about this little boy singing isn’t really about mexicans,it’s simply about humanity at it’s worst,it is reflective of the level of ignorance in our world and the fact that we need not respond with the same but rather continue to improve individually and change will begin around the world.

  • TP

    He did a good job who cares about his race aleast he has talent!!! Not like the others who fucked up singing on the national Anthem. Proud of you Sebastien :)

  • theresa

    very beautiful singer ! since all our ancestors came from somewhere else ! i do not understand the prejudice and texas was once part of mexico !!!!!

  • mary giallombardo

    Unless you’re a native American you came from somewhere else too. does Ellis island mean anything to all you racists? My grandparents were not born in America, Am I any less American? Grow up racists! We all bleed red. you don’t get to choose your nationality. ignorant people are by far worse than any immigrant. I’m not sayin, I’m just sayin…..

    • Guest Speaker

      What flag will your grand parents fly on the 4th of July? Why?

  • diamond alvarez

    God bless you sebastien. You nailed it like the true american that you are. Keep doing what you doing and definately brush these ignorant comments off your shoulders. Proud to be mexican american!!!!!

  • comgeek26

    Fuck those racists. Sebastien, you were phenomenal! They only wish they had half the talent you do.

  • Vincent Sanchez

    Thanks for posting those tweets. Lol went to each one and dropped my $.02.

  • Isa

    I think the child did an excellent job singing. He should not be criticized. I think most people are offended by the fact that he wore the traditional Mexican outfit while singing the American anthem. What if the child was wearing a Muslim outfit during his performance? Would that be OK? I am an immigrant (I have been here for only 10 years), but I think everyone that comes here should respect this country and its little bit of identity that has left. RESPECT.

  • Crystal Martinez

    he sings it better than any damn white person who’s ever sang it before they claim to be so American and yet they don’t even know the words to the national anthem

  • Nisse Hult

    The internet is a huge problem for the United States. Now the whole world can see the magnitude of your ignorance on a daily basis. This is extra funny in this case since you’re all immigrants…

  • Jason

    San Diego , Los Angeles, San Antonio … and Oh my ..Las Vegas!!!
    I am sure these idiots think these cities should go back to Mexico also…
    I pray the ignorance fades with time. Go Spurs!!!

  • Guest Speaker

    How would you supporters feel if this kid was a german-american and dressed like a Nazi? Or the kid was singing in Boston draped in the Chechan flag? Or an irish-american kid dressed in a KKK gown at a game in Atlanta? How would it go over if he was asked to sing at a soccer game in Mexico and he sung the Star Spangled Banner?

    The uproar was NOT about racism. It was about decorum and respect. The anthem is supposed to be a symbol of our unity. Why disgrace it with such blatant Mexican nationalist symbols of hate?

    • joshsanchez

      Are you joking with these comparisons? Completely outrageous and way off base. You are just crying for attention with this.

      How is a mariachi outfit a nationalist symbol of hate? One of the dumbest comments I have heard all week.

      • Guest Speaker

        If the mariachi outfit didn’t have a nationalist theme, then why all of the tweets about “Mexico”? Everybody knows what that symbol implies. Just as a confederate flag represents something. It is a symbol. It disrespects the nation that this kid and his parents chose to become citizens of. And hate? Do you forget about the history between our two nations? How many Americans died in the wars we had? Those soldiers didn’t die so we can wave the Mexican flag and sing their anthems. The Mexican soldiers didn’t give their lives to have such a proud symbol be used to sing an anthem which glorifies American imperialism.