November 4, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard (12) reacts to a foul called against him during the second half at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Not Interested In Dwight Howard Trade

NBA Trade Rumors – Recent reports suggest that Dwight Howard wants to play with Chris Paul, but if the big man was to leave the Los Angeles Lakers, the team would not help his wish come true through a sign-and-trade.

The only team that has enough cap space to take on both Paul and Howard this summer is the Atlanta Hawks. However, neither of the two players are particularly interested in moving to Atlanta, and thus other options have been suggested.

One potential move that the Los Angeles Clippers were at least thinking of making was trading Blake Griffin for Dwight Howard, but the team’s front office quickly established that Griffin was untouchable. However, if Paul really only wants to play with Howard, the Clippers could only potentially make it happen by making a package of Griffin and Eric Bledsoe and sending the two players to the Lakers, who would sign-and-trade Howard.

Another potential option would be the Houston Rockets, who would also need to facilitate a sign-and-trade with the Lakers to have enough space for the two superstars. But according to Lakers Nation, the Lakers will not help any teams and do not intend to sign-and-trade Howard:

So what if Dwight Howard leaves? Here’s one thing you won’t see: the Lakers helping him find his dream team, or trying to salvage something for him, with a sign-and-trade.

Barring a bonanza they don’t expect to be offered, insiders say the Lakers’ fallback position would be to bring back this team and bank the savings—almost $50 million in salary and luxury tax.

If Lakers were to make a sign-and-trade and get a similar amount of salary in return, the team would still be stuck in a tricky postion and unable to make moves next summer. Lakers still want to keep Howard, but will not jeopardize their future flexibility, especially considering the free agency class of 2014 (LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony both have player options that summer).

While Griffin and Bledsoe would seem like a great package for the Lakers, the team is only interested in either re-signing Howard or cutting the losses.

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  • Marty Susman

    OH !!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me ???? The Lakers are cutting off their nose if they won’t do a sign & Trade with Dwight….If they are conserned with salary for 2014, thats fine & that can be arranged simply by insisting on first round picks below 10 this year & next year for him….(Expiring contracts as well)…. Getting nothing for him is plain stupid……Trade Blake, Duhon, Peace, Gasol, Meaks, & Dwight all for draft picks & salary dump….

  • FNPbob

    Best option is to sign and trade Howard. He is good, but can’t commit and until then will never really be great. How about mixing it up with Memphis and getting Gasol. I’m sure the Gasol brothers would love to play together. Very legitimate trade option. Perhaps Iguadala would want to stop by and hang out in LA. Next piece is a younger PG. If CP loves LA but not necessarily the Clippers, there you have it. Still have the need for a good bench but the foundation is set.

  • Christopher Larson

    Sad really. This team will be set back years for what amounts to a power grab by Jim Buss. I don’t think the Lakers and D’antoni will ever mesh. The biggest strength of the Lakers is the ability to attract and sign superstars when we are down. Having D’antoni negates that as many players just don’t like his system. So with him, at best, you end up with a bunch of mediocre players running a system well, that are capable of winning 60 games even. But in the playoffs, that assortment of mediocre players tended to run into a team anchored by stars and get killed. And with the exception of his point guard, most players simply didn’t like playing in his system.

    Phil Jackson should have been hired, and this alternative has been about as ill fated as when Jerry Jones replaced Jimmy Johnson with Barry Switzer. A total ego move that costs the franchise big. Jones would kiss Johnson’s ring on the courthouse steps nowadays if it could get him three Super Bowls in a four year period. It has been 20 years, and they have never regained that form.

    Jim Buss is simply an idiot. The team will basically be scrapped, and D’antoni will eventually be fired once 2014 rolls around and they cannot even get a call back from Carmello with him as the coach. It can only end in a dead end where the Lakers have no trade bait whatsoever. I am not sure if you add a Carmello Anthony with any old coach that this would be a contender with an aging Gasol and Bryant.

    There is no doubt that had Phil been hired, they would be heading into the off season with a late exit from the playoffs. I truly believe that Kobe was being pushed way too hard to play a system that depends on scoring 120 points per night and injured himself as a result. It is stupid to put twice as much mileage on your aging stars at this point in their careers. Phil would have depended a lot more on the big men to play defense in a half court game, which would have played to the talent on the team. Steve Nash can be good in a half court set, just as Parker is, but Howard will never reach his potential in a run and gun system.

    What a huge series of mistakes. And in the end, it will cost the Lakers their only superstar of the future and leave them begging free agents to come play for what will be a bad team. And frankly, their track record of picking coaches if one leaves out Riley and Jackson, is not particularly good.