March 18, 2013; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Detroit Pistons point guard Jose Calderon (8) goes back to the locker room after the first quarter against the Brooklyn Nets at The Palace. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Pistons Want To Keep Jose Calderon, But Don’t Want To Overpay

Detroit Pistons point guard Jose Calderon has already said that he want to stay in the NBA, and his priority is just to sign with a team next season. The Pistons seem to be inclined to make Calderon’s wish come true and retain their free agent, but only if the price is right.

News-Herald’s Bob Finnan mentioned the following in his notes:

 The Pistons would like to bring back Calderon in free agency, but don’t want to break the bank.

It’s unclear what either party would find as a reasonable price, but it’s pretty clear that Calderon has signed his last big contract. Last season the Spanish point guard earned $11 million for his contributions, but will obviously have to sign for significantly less this summer.

Some teams might still be willing to offer a decent amount of money for the 31-year-old, as he is a solid veteran that can both start and come off the bench. It’s hard to predict how much the Pistons would be willing to pay, but considering Calderon’s market value, it would probably have to be at least a two or three-year deal, somewhere in the vicinity of $5 million per season.

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  • Tony Wichowski

    $7 million a season for three years would be fine.

  • Keith Lucky Lucciano Gastone

    Don’t re-sign him. Take the deal with Dallas. Get Carter-Williams and Caldwell-Pope and re-sign Bynum. Then Amisty Charlie V so we can cover Marion’s contract with no effect towards our FA money. Trade Stuckey for whatever. Come on Joe D. Get it done.

    • Joe Jordan

      See that’s just too logical. Joe D will never do that! What I would rather see is Caldwell Pope traded somewhere (I don’t care just get him the hell away from the Pistons. The guy is going to be a flop.), amisty Charlie V, let Calderon, Bynum, Magette, and English go (resign Maxiell) and then trade Stuckey to Sacramento for Ray McCallum. Then with the free agency, go after Monta Ellis and Josh Smith. Say at least you pick up Ellis. You’re starting roster next season could look like:

      PG: Monta Ellis
      SG: Brandon Knight
      PF: Jason Maxiell (or Josh Smith if you can get him)
      SF: Greg Monroe

      C: Andre Drummond

      I like keeping McCallum around because he’s going to be a great role player. Good touch when it comes to scoring and a very physical guard. Have him come in for Knight and Ellis (make him a combo guard) and I think you’ve got the recipe for a playoff team.

      • Keith Lucky Lucciano Gastone

        I’m not even gonna entertain this comment because… Look at your solution. Are you serious? KCP has the talent to be the next Ray Allen but with more of a defensive mind. You need to study basketball every day for the next 50 years.

        • Joe Jordan

          Please. Just because I think the guy is overrated doesn’t mean I don’t know what I am talking about. If the guy was so great, why the hell didn’t he get drafted earlier and why was Georgia constantly a below average team (and don’t give me the usual: well no team around him, blah blah blah. Superstars, like Ray Allen, make things happen. Georgia could have at least been competitive). My problem with this pick is primarily due to the fact that I’ve seen so many players like him enter the league and fail and disappear in just a few short years. He’s not Ray Allen and he’s not T-Mac (like the Georgia faithful like to compare).

          Oh, and what’s wrong with my solution? You’re talking about adding a true scorer in Monta Ellis and possibly Josh Smith. Even if we don’t land Smith, Maxiell brings in tons of energy. Oh, and Kyle Singler is there as well. Also, you want Stuckey’s big contract gone, right? Why not bring in a guy who has potential and use him as a backup guard used in scoring situations? That guy can and should be Ray McCallum Jr. He’s a native to the area and I happen to think he is an extremely under rated talent. Go watch the 2012 Horizon League tournament where UDM upset Valpo at Valpo with a huge second half by McCallum in the championship game. He also played relatively decent against Kansas in the tournament and he played very very well in games last season against Syracuse ( at Syracuse btw) and Miami. I’d rather have McCallum anyday over KCP.

  • Old Bill Collins

    I would offer him 7,5,3,3. Would give him $18 MM to wrap up his fine career. Would save money for the team to keep young players as they finish their rookie contracts.