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DeMarcus Ware on Tony Romo: He's the guy for us

Dallas Cowboys star pass rusher DeMarcus Ware is ready to switch back to the 4-3 defense now that Monte Kiffin has replaced Rob Ryan as the Cowboys defensive coordinator, which means that Ware will be back to defensive end and ready to continue to put up incredible numbers. Ware recorded 14 sacks with another 13 hits on the quarterback last season, and he and Anthony Spencer absolutely terrorized opposing offensive tackles and quarterbacks alike.

Bleacher Report featured columnist Alex Hall conducted an incredible interview with DeMarcus Ware, and he asked Ware how he felt about the Cowboys giving Tony Romo a highly lucrative contract extension this offseason. The classy pass rusher responded, “he’s the guy for us.”

“Yeah, a lot of the accomplishments that he’s had and the way that he plays and what brings to the game, I mean he’s the guy for us.

I feel like he’s going to push us to that next level. Me and him, we haven’t done anyOTAs, but mentally we’re preparing ourselves to get ready for the season. We’re going to push forward and do the best we can.”

I’ve  been a staunch defender of Romo’s for quite some time, and part of that might be the fact that I am a huge stat geek and look at all the numbers that have Romo entrenched as a top ten quarterback (somewhere around nine). Romo has his flaws, but he’s never had a good offensive line or secondary. The latter is crucial, because the Cowboys often end up on the losing end of shootouts not just due to Romo’s tragic flaw of untimely interceptions, but also because the secondary can’t stop the opposing quarterback. I mean, Romo isn’t the problem; the problem is the fact that Will Allen is the Cowboys projected starter at free safety.

Ware’s comments on Romo are right on, and he has accomplished a good amount in his career. But Cowboys fans won’t be satisfied until Romo accomplishes at least a playoff win and hopefully more than that. The issue for the Cowboys is filling out the weak spots of the roster, but the job was left undone this offseason due to cap issues (hence, why they will most likely be starting Allen at FS).

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