Jun 12, 2013; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow signs an autograph for a fan during minicamp at the practice fields of Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Could Tim Tebow Start at Tight End For New England Patriots Season Opener?

With all of the uncertainty surrounding the top two tight ends on the New England Patriots roster, there is a real question that we have to ask ourselves. Could Tim Tebow start at tight end for the season-opener against the Buffalo Bills?

As crazy as it might sound, there could be a legitimate chance of this actually happening.

Rob Gronkowski is recovering from a flurry of surgeries this offseason that have left his status for the start of the season in jeopardy, while Aaron Hernandez is in the middle of a sticky murder investigation and he could soon be arrested.

That leaves the likes of Jake Ballar, Daniel Fells and Michael Hoomanawanui at the top of the depth chart. While each of these players could shine if they are given the opportunity, why not give Tebow a shot?

Since he entered the league, people have been saying that tight end or h-back could be his best position.

We know that the Patriots have said that Tebow will strictly be a quarterback, but this could be the perfect opportunity for him to step up, help his team out and switch positions with an opportunity to succeed. For the Patriots, it would give them the opportunity to change Tebow’s position without getting backlash from his cult-like fan base.

After all, all they want is for Tebow to get playing time and to start. This could be his chance.

What do you think, FanSiders? Should the Patriots give Tebow a shot at tight end or should they hope Gronkowski is healthy and Hernandez stays away from prison?

Sound off in the comments section and let us hear your thoughts.

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  • http://sbpra.com/paulvsuffriti Paul V. Suffriti

    Tough call. Ballard is still favoring his knee, Fells was less than impressive last year, but I did like Hooman’s limited performance last season. Sudfeld could be the wild card in the mix, if he continues to impress.

    I still think they are looking to groom Tebow for QB….but at this point anything is possible.

  • Jackson Furst

    I’m hoping that the NE Patriots powers that be (and Tebow) remain focused on developing Tim Tebow as the great quarterback he is destined to be. I don’t care if he plays a single snap at NE this year as long as he is absorbing, watching, and learning from one of the greatest QBs Tom Brady, and being guided and coached by one of the greatest coaches ever. Regardless of what happens, I will be rooting for Tim Tebow to succeed at whatever he does. Granted, I would dearly love to see Tim Tebow somehow score when the Pats play against the Jets, and afterwards walk over and drop to a knee Tebowing right in front of Rex Ryan & Co

    • Barbara Ann

      POWERS THAT BE?????? You are friggin kidding right?

  • GatorNation

    I have been a fan of Tim since Florida!! I would love to see him develop as a QB, and finally shine in this role. He is a unique player with amazing atheltic skills, he has an opportunity to make a difference and start (and hold this position) in this position….Tough call

  • The Network Company

    It takes years to become a pro level tight end. Just because you are big and strong does not mean you can just suddenly play the tight end position.

    • Barbara Ann

      Hooray, someone understands Football and Tebow

      • James Walker

        You mean:
        Hooray, someone who is anti-Christian and anti-Tebow

        Tebow is amazing and so is God, get over it.

        • dbfairy

          James you’re a moron for equating his post with anything to do with the boogie man.

          • James Walker

            God loves you.

    • John Ortiz

      Julian Eldeman got drafted as a QB, now he’s a receiver and a respectable one at that. It can be done.

  • James Walker

    When God closes a door he opens up a tight end position. God injured Gronk and is getting Hernandez arrested so that Tebow can keep keeping on. Can’t wait to draft Tebow and win my fantasy league (last season I drafted Gronkowski who was a super hero until his injury and came in second).

    • Barbara Ann

      Oh Jess, GOD, GOD, GOD….SPARE ME !!!

      • James Walker

        If you don’t like posts about God then maybe you should move to Finland or somewhere they don’t believe in God and stay away from internet posts about people like Tim Tebow. I’ll pray for you, and for the Patriots. Can’t wait for Tim Tebow to prove there is a God by winning a Superbowl.

        • dbfairy

          You’re a moron for turning topics into religion. What a loser idiot u are.

          • James Walker

            Turning topics into religion? All topics are religious.

    • dbfairy

      So why dont you off yurself to hurry up get your 79 virgins in heaven u idiot.

  • Barbara Ann

    OH Please, he will never be able to be a TE or anything else in the NFL. He suc*s and that is the end of it.
    He may have good work ethics and “OH, I AM SUCH A GREAT LEADER AND NICE PERSON ATTITUDE” but that doesn’t cut it when it comes to being a good player.

    Would you IDIOT fans please get it through your stupid heads that he will never be anything in the NFL but a Christian Virgin, who should be on a VIRGIN talk show not a FOOTBALL PLAYER.@!!!!!

    • James Walker

      Sounds to me like you don’t support any football players unless they are murderers, pedophiles, or worse. Tim Tebow is a perfect example of how faith in God will lead you to success, and you just can’t stand it. Remember his playoff run with the Broncos? I’m sure you conveniently forgot about that. Nothing wrong being being a virgin or a Christian. Maybe if you waited for marriage people would respect you instead of seeing you as a piece of meat (a very rancid piece of meat that is 90% fat and filled with maggots).

      • dbfairy

        There you go again you worthless scumbag.

        • James Walker

          I’ll pray for your soul.