5 Worst NFL Fan Bases

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Baltimore Ravens breakout receiver Torrey Smith spent Saturday night trolling the New England Patriots. Specifically, their fans. His argument broke down to: Every team has shitty fans, the Pats simply have more of them. Talk to Boston sports fans, and they’ll sort of echo the notion that the Pats are, by far, their city’s most bandwagon-heavy team.

But that’s to be expected when you go from mid-level AFC East cog to perennial dynasty. And with so many temporary residents in Boston attending school, it only makes sense that window shopping Bostonites would latch on to something from the area. And that something has been pink hats and Tom Brady regalia.

Hating on the Patriots overlooks the fact that Boston—love or hate that town—has one of the most dedicated bases in America. Cities/regions are a fair temperature reading for fan measurement: Look at the rust belt teams (Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo) and how committed citizens remain to their perpetually floundering clubs because there’s tradition. Look at what the Saints mean to New Orleans. Look at the affection that folks have for the Vikings in North Dakota and Montana.

Attacking a team for having bandwagon fans is short-sighted. Bandwagons are an inevitable byproduct of success but are not indicative of the base at-large. It’s why the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys have such tremendous footholes in America. And while some traditions never change (credit the Chiefs—their city still rides for them and talks itself into Alex Smith), some things have.

Philadelphia is an enormous, multi-ethnic city; Lincoln Financial Field is modern, inviting, and years of surging ticket prices coupled with increasing diversity have kind of mellowed out City Center. Go to Geno’s for a cheesesteak, for example, and you’ll find Mexican flags adorning the once defiantly Italian-American neighborhood. Phoenix is the sixth-largest city in America and the Cardinals have a respectable, dedicated wave of fans that came of age with the Kurt Warner postseason run of 2008 and has continued to blossom. Gone are the days of filling the joint with Cowboys fans at Sun Devil Stadium.

But no doubt about it—some fan bases suck. Here are the five worst in the NFL.

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  • Tyler Cary

    Jacksonville is not beautiful, and it is filled with white trash. The Jags stadium is the only place where I saw a person wearing the away team’s jersey almost get beat up (while trying to use the urinal) after the away team lost and Jags fans were celebrating their victory.

    • Michael McDonald

      This is typical crap. There has been many more articles & documented cases criticizing Jag fans for being “too nice” & making opposing team’s fan feel too welcomed. There is going to be the occasional remote situation, but overall, taking your family to a Jags home game is a good & safe place to spend a Sunday.

      • Tyler Cary

        Jags fans can be very aggressive, but Falcons fans have been the poorest winners that I have ever encountered though. My wife had a beer thrown at her after the Falcons beat the Packers, and there were a lot of Falcons fans just waiting to talk trash as we were trying to leave the Georgia Dome. My neighbors are season ticket holders for the Jags, and they love taking their kids to every home game. My experiences at Everbank Field have been very mixed. It is a great place to watch football as long as you are wearing a Jags jersey, not so much if you are a fan of the away team. I really don’t care for Jax as a city, it is too spread out, it takes forever to get anywhere, and the crime rate here is through the roof. I am moving away soon to be close to the #5 worst fan base. I do like Milwaukee quite a bit more than Jax, but I would be happier in Miami so I could watch my beloved Dolphins every week.

  • Jason Robbins

    Dumbest article ever.

    • Tyler Cary

      I think the worst ones are the 2014 draft class articles that started right at the end of the 2013 draft. When there is no real news people just write whatever stupid crap pops into their heads. Why do you think that the NFL Network does their 100 greatest players followed by a 1 hour reaction show, because there is nothing real or important to talk about any more. Goodell will probably start doing a real housewives of the NFL show on the NFL network once they run out of ideas for their top ten episodes.

      • D_Hawk

        Yet people flock to read those articles…

  • Jason Robbins

    Dumbest article I have ever read. All it is is your opinion and you have no actually facts to back anything up. I hope being a writer isn’t your actually job because you aren’t going to last very long if you keep spewing out garbage like this.

  • Ryan Wooden

    Clearly, you’ll get more hate traffic out of this than anything, but that being said, I found this to be well-written and funny. Have a blast with all the outrageous comments. I’m sure there will be scores of them.

  • Dulce Deen

    hmm strange you tag the Texans and don’t mention them in your article? WTH???

    • Adam Best

      The Texans are mentioned on page 5.

  • Erik with a K

    Ok you have no facts supporting your article.. in fact all you did was post a picture from a pregame warm ups before fans even get in the stadium and then write your opinion. For that I agree with Jason you have written the dumbest article ever. Do better or do something else.

  • Tom

    Green Bay? You said it in your article. That, it’s football. You win some and you lose some. You say the fan base is bad because we lost some playoff games to some good teams? Yeah, that makes a ton of sense. Packer fans are some of the most loyal fans in the NFL but based on some playoff games you say not? There is no myth of righteousness. Every base is going to believe their values are the best but you, subjectively place Green Bay on the list based on a figurative purity? What?!?!

    • Gregory Michalak

      how is it packers fans fault that the packers haven’t been good at home during the playoffs. You must be a closet bears fan. You are a douche!.

  • Domenic Vadala

    With all due respect, it seems that you have the Packers, Texans, and Redskins in there simply because you don’t like them. Is it lost on you that the Washington Redskins have the longest sellout streak in the NFL (dates back to the 60′s)? Yes Redskins fans hate Dallas; it’s called a rivalry. And blaming the Texans moving on the fans is like blaming the victim. Maybe they didn’t show up en masse at the end, but they had no reason to come based on the product on the field. (I’m the type of person who comes to support the team regardless, but I can understand why some people wouldn’t want to spend money to go to a game given those circumstances. The bias is evident when you say that no self-respecting Texan would root for anyone but the Cowboys. I’m sure that there are in fact more Cowboy fans in Texas than Texans, however it seems to me that the goal here was to knock on teams that traditionally have had rivalries with the Cowboys. Jacksonville is a fair choice, as they don’t deserve to have a team. However you’ll have to look hard to find classier fans than Green Bay, and you seem more upset at the Redskins’ name than anything else. (Incidentally a recent poll by the University of PA found that only 8% of the Native Americans polled were offended by the name.) With that said, here’s an interesting point; is it really smart to have a team name such as “Cowboys” these days with all of the gun control issues we have in America? Think about it…is the image of a man riding a horse and shooting people really what the Dallas football team wants to convey? I’m not in favor of changing anyone’s name incidentally, however people spend so much time on the Redskins’ name and an argument could be made against several other teams as well.

    • Alia

      I don’t disagree with anything but the second phrase. Packers have the longest streak, with the Redskins second

      • Domenic Vadala

        I don’t know the exact dates, but according to the NFL the Redskins have a longer streak. It surprised me also, but that’s a fact according to the league.

    • John Wirth

      Alia is right. The Skins’ streak started in 1966. The Packers’ streak started in 1965 and, at Lambeau Field (formerly City Stadium), the Packers have sold out their season tickets since 1960. The Packers also have over 81,000 names on their season ticket waiting list. They estimate that a person putting their name on the list now will wait over 30 years to get tickets. Yep, bad fans.

    • JagNative

      Spoken like a Baltimore fan. Still mad bro? Your city is %50 successful in stealing teams. The Imminent Domain didn’t work on the Colts so you stole Cleveland’s team. Well Done!
      Now you people whine and complain about Jacksonville beating you out on the expansion. whaaaah.

      • Domenic Vadala

        I really fail to see how any of that is relevant in the discussion. And what you don’t realize is that Jacksonville got a team BECAUSE of the Baltimore Colts. At the league’s inception Baltimore was considered a small market. When they won the 1958 title game they immediately were put on the map; and by the way, the modern NFL was born as a result of that game. So when the league looked to expand again in the early 1990′s, they thought that since a smaller town like Baltimore was able to compete, why not try that with another small city like Jacksonville? It’s almost insulting in that they used the logic born of the the Colts winning the 1958 NFL title against the city of Baltimore.

        With that said, your team’s track record in terms of attendance and the on-field product really speaks for itself. However you’re wrong about the Emminent Domain thing; it did work. However the team was gone from the state of Maryland before ownership of the team could be seized. If you knew anything about the situation that led to the Colts leaving, you’d probably understand. The owner was a salty drunk that swore up and down that he wasn’t moving…up until the day before the move. Instead, Art Modell was up front about the fact that he was going to move if he didn’t get a stadium deal. He didn’t mislead anyone into thinking that they weren’t going anywhere, and then leave in the middle of the night. What do you expect the city of Baltimore to do…reject the team because they didn’t want the people of Cleveland to suffer? Cleveland got a sweetheart deal in that they got to keep their records, team name, et al was pretty sweet. (And yet they’ve still managed to screw up the new team!) So I think you need to learn your history before you go telling someone that they’re a crybaby. Incidentally, I’m a Redskins fan but I still know my Baltimore football history. Obviously you can’t say the same. Good day.

        • JagNative

          Uhh, it wasn’t the fact that Baltimore won that game. It’s that it was on TV. GEEZ inflated ego or what.
          Yes, it was because of Baltimore that we got a team. The fact that they screwed up their proposal so bad that they couldn’t get it done, that’s why.

          • Domenic Vadala

            Enlighten us all on how Jacksonville screwed up Baltimore’s proposal.

            It has nothing to do with inflated ego, it has to do with reality. Sure a lot of that has to do with the fact that the ’58 game was on TV. But think about it…if that game ends in regulation it’s not thought of in the same regard in which we see it now. Does anyone remember the circumstances of the 1959 championship game? Probably not off the tops of their heads, but for the record the same two teams played at Memorial Stadium with the Colts once again beating the Giants. But it wasn’t the classic that the ’58 game was. It didn’t feature Johnny Unitas drawing the play in the dirt and leading his team to victory in dramatic fashion like the game the year prior did. Nowadays QB’s such as Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne march their teams up and down the field all the time. But in 1958 nobody had ever seen someone lead their team down the field like Unitas did, literally with no time left. Every NFL quarterback who runs a successful two-minute drill owes a debt of gratitude to Johnny Unitas and the Baltimore Colts.

    • Kevin Hicks

      Packer fans classy? LMAO. If you read some of the garbage spewed on Viking blogs, you would see the real truth. They are some of the most trolling fans around.

      • Domenic Vadala

        Yeah but keep in mind that any fan base can find anything wrong with that of a rival team.

        • Kevin Hicks

          That’s true. But, there is no need to go to Viking blogs/articles and do it. Classless.

  • William G. Harding

    It’s Century Link field idiot, there goes another 20 seconds of my life wasted on reading some hacks drivel. Troll on…

  • Matt

    Completely disagree with the part about the Redskins, He failed to mention, as does pretty much everyone who wants the name changed that many of the major Indian groups in Virginia like the Redskins name and would be offended if they DID change the name.

  • http://www.guysgirl.com Blythe Brumleve

    You are above this, Fansided. Stop attempting to replicate what Bleacher Report did to sports “writing”. Worst article I’ve read in years.

  • Adam Banig

    Horrible list. Seriously? Green Bay, Houston and Washington is on this list?

    You’re reasoning for each is pretty weak. Bringing up playoff losses for GB? They still always sold out that stadium, even in down years.

    Houston has always been a great football team, it’s not the towns fault McNair bolted their city. Why should they have a powder blue section? That team left them. Yes, when the team sucked in the early 2000s they were slow to return but in the past 5 years or so they’ve been great with Kubiak and Schaub.

    Why should racism be brought into a discussion all the time now with Washington? Seriously, stick to football. Football wise the redskins fans have always supported their team since the 70s, even through most of the last 20 years when they couldn’t win consistently.

    No Miami? No Atlanta? Those sports towns are historically bad. No Tampa? They had a good run with Dungy & Gruden, but besides the mid 2000′s, that fan base has been one of the worst in the NFL since the buccaneers were formed.

  • Justin Schultz

    Stop trying to be like Bleacher Report. Fansided is better than this.

  • El Crag Cinco

    You give like two reasons for every team….. Just saying the Jacksonville fan base “doesn’t exist” doesn’t make it so. I hope the author doesn’t actually get paid to write this shit.

  • John

    Dumbest article I’ve read in a long time.

    If you were looking for attention for your site, you got it. Congrats

  • AndrewSa888

    Why on earth are the Seahawks on this list? Are you people on crack? Another useless pathetic excuse for a piece of writing.

    • Guest

      its the only one I agree with actually. That stadium was EMPTY until they got decent a few years ago.

      • David Burton Allen

        Please become less ignorant. Check the stats before you say stupid things. Go ahead and look up the numbers and get back to me.

  • AndrewSa888

    This is one of the top 5 dumbest things I have ever read. Learn how to write something useful, morons and stop wasting people’s time. Trash.

  • http://msannomalley.com/ Kathy Kramer

    When you’re going to cite Packers fans as one of the worst fan bases in the NFL, you need to look at the entire fan base and not just the bandwagon idiots who jumped on after SB 45.

    • Aton

      Even those don’t really exist. 99% are life-long. Our children are taught “faith, family, and Packers’ football” from day one. Apparently that makes us bad fans. This is not analysis, but rather a poorly written opinion paper on his least favorite NFL franchises. The Seahawks?! Redskins?! Way to attack three of most loyal fanbases out there.

      • Kevin Hicks

        GB fans are loyal b/c there is NOTHING else to do in that town. I can’t imagine the depression rate when Lombardi ditched them and the team fell into the abyss for nearly 30 years. I, also know the sell-outs you guys keep bragging about, were in jeopardy in the early 80s and threats were made by the team to move team to Milwaukee.

  • Jason Wimberly

    Cowboys fan, anyone else see it. has not even one valid point… Speak for your self Ramon… real writers say different… Texans on 11 years in Source- Forbes magizine.. 4th of 32 most valued franchise and best talgating three years in a row. Source nflshop.com, fansedge.com &footballfanatics.com Texans top four merchandise sales… and we are getting something called the superbowl in 2017… pretty got for a so called “worst fan base”

  • metalhead65

    I am a bears fan but support the redskins name just because you pc police deem it offensive. I have never heard anyone in my life use the term redskin to insult anybody. the vast majority of people when asked to what that term means will automatically think of the football team and nothing else. how about you people are so offended by this and want to help native Americans do something other than whine about a name? how about helping these people with their alcohol and drug proms? how about helping them get a good education instead of them dropping out of school at alarming rates? in other words do something useful for them instead of attacking a team name. you don’t like the name? fine do not go to the games or watch them on tv or buy any of their products but do not tell them and their fans or football fans they can’t use the name.

  • bellingerga

    Ramon Ramirez is a retard.

  • Josh Smith

    This is by far and away the dumbest thing anyone has ever said about Seahawks being the worst fans. I mean seriously. Have you watched any Seattle football before this year? Maybe ever?

  • Rob Roberts

    Wow.. I am a Niner fan and even I know that both Green Bay and Seattle have some pretty loyal and dedicated fans. Maybe you should actually travel to those stadiums like I have before writing anything about them, ever again, well actually just EVER.

    • BlkLab99

      Clearly, he never HAS been to those stadiums. He’s most likely a bitter fan of a team that is either pounded by one of those teams regularly (Vikings) or a team that has lost to one of them in a recent Super Bowl (Steelers) and is still snacking on some serious bittercakes about it. But congratulations on enraging the most LOYAL FANBASE in the country and getting hits out of it. Skip Bayless is proud.

      • Kevin Hicks

        Vikings “pounded” by Packers? Dream on. The Packers lead the all-time series by four games. If you take into account the Vikes lost eleven of the first 14 games when they were an expansion team in the 60′s. (We all know expansion teams back then were given the castoffs of other teams. Hence, it would take 5-7 years to build a competitive team.), anyone can see the Vikes have had the upper hand since then. Don’t lie about the facts just b/c your fan base is mentioned. You just proved his point by verbally erroneously and attacking a team that wasn’t a part of this article.

  • Tony

    This is a case of Skip Bayless syndrome. The author is just trolling for attention and he will clearly get it. As a Packers fan I know you’d have to be blinded by dislike for the team or simply uninformed about the game to put them among the leagues worst fanbases. The team’s season ticket waiting list is legendary and they continued to sell out Lambeau even during the hum-drum of the 70s and 80s. When the author calls Packers fans bad because their team lost playoff games–that’s so mind numbingly inane it’s simply impossible to take seriously. So just don’t people. Don’t get worked up or start a flame war. I also know the Seahawks have some of the best fans in the league too. The team isn’t that old but the 12th man is already pretty legendary. Especially after the tremor that was caused by Marshawn Lynch’s beastmode run.

    I’m kind of surprised a journalist who resorts to petty troll tactics for popularity has actually appeared on Grantland. Sure, Simmons and his guys can be a little pretentious and self satisfied, but they still produce some of the best, most substantive long form sports writing around. This piece is the complete opposite of that.

    What a joke.

    • DTowleJr

      Absolutely the best response – well said!

  • D_Hawk

    Want to judge a fan base? Find something that matters…like attendance records or who shows up when the team is losing. If you really think that the noise at CenturyLink (seriosuly-can we take someone seriously when he doesn’t even know the name of the stadium?) is artificial or only the result of acoustics then you are as dumb as…well…this article makes you look.

  • skeletony

    Grammar and spelling are necessary skills for an aspiring writer to have. Pittsburgh has gained “Footholes”…?! WTF?! This thing was written like a 4chan troll.

  • hawkman54

    You sir a DOUCHE BAG ! Since the inception of the Seahawks there have been only two seasons where there were games Blacked out- Check around the league and you will find many more than that at other teams! Football is the first for fans in and around Seattle, just listen to the TWO sports talk radio stations on the love for the Hawks and the Huskies! AND How about New Orleans with the bags on the heads and half full stadiums for YEARS! What about LA losing their team ? there are more examples , BUT you would n’t know not spending any time checking FACTS! Plus most of Montana follows the Hawks , know this because I have many family there , along with Idaho , Oregon and Alaska – DOUCHE BAG !

  • Poopster Ramirez

    yeah, green bay .. where the city and practically entire state closes down on game days .. where tickets are like cherished pieces of historical memorabilia ..where for the 2011 super bowl celebration .. ME AND 50k+ FANS STOOD IN -20 DEGREE WIND CHILL UNABLE TO FEEL OUR LEGS TO GREET THE TEAM!! Yeah.. bad fans.. gimme a break .. you are beyond pathetic.. just goes to show that “ranking” things has gone too far in the media..

    I got an idea.. how about a ranking of best to worst sports writers 1-100 .. I place you .. worst !!

    • joewashu

      Even as a Bears fan who has no love for our rival to the North, I appreciate the rivalry and the love/hate relationship between the fan bases, which both bases are passionate and loyal

      The NFC Title game between the Bears/Packers a couple years back, both fan bases were mixing at the bars close to the state line, and both are loyal and crazed.

      Not only do the Packers and Bears both have some of the best fans, but the 2 teams are also the oldest teams still in their same location (The Cardinals would be on the age list, but the team moved from Chicago to St Louis to Phoenix/Glendale). There are multi-generational Bear & Packer fans, passed down from grandparents to parents to kids, etc

  • Poopster Ramirez

    Plus, I’m a Packer fan.. yet Seattle!?!?!? Are you kidding me!!! Considering the false start 12th man stuff.. I put them at the top !! what a waste of knowledge.

    “Mr. Ramirez, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic
    things I’ve ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent
    response was there anything that could even be considered a rational
    thought. Everyone that has read your article is now dumber for having read it. I
    award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul!”

  • Aton

    Hahaha you are an idiot.

  • Aton

    If I were you (and, I thank the good lord I’m not), I’d apply to be recognized by the government (and anyone else who will listen) as cognitively handicapped, because you are a rock-solid, slam dunk LOCK. Redskins, Packers, and Seahawks?! Why don’t you throw the 49ers, Cowboys, Steelers, Bears, Eagles, and Patriots in there too?

  • Sammy Samerson

    I can’t believe this is actually published. Fans do not win games you idiot. Historically speaking the Packers and Seahawks have had some of the most supportive fan bases in the NFL. Ramon- I didn’t find this article by searching for you, I found it by reading an article from an established writer who simply bashed your inferior intelligence in sports. FYI

  • Trevor Smith

    This is a load of bull. Where is St. Louis? Compete and utter rubbish.

  • Trevor Smith

    Wait…this is by an ACTUAL WRITER? My gosh!

  • James W. Smizek

    I am going to take a shot in the dark here and say this article is wrote by a Cowboys fan.

    You literally listed five of the teams with the best fan bases and attempted to flip the script on them.

  • Ken

    They’ll give any IDIOT a Blog these days!! I concur with WGH, there goes 60 seconds of my life that I’ll never get back! Hey Ramon, man-up, move outta your parents basement, and get a job that has nothing to do with sports, because you’ll stave to death!

  • Bob Easter

    Pathetic article, I’m embarrassed to have read it.

  • Wulgus

    Please don’t ever write anything else ever again. You are stupid and should not put stupid words from your stupid head online.

  • matt

    Nice try Skip…

  • drluv

    Packer fans are the worst in football having lived there for 8 years I got to see it first hand. Packer fans only watch the packers, they don’t watch any other games. They only know what the homer media tells them. The packers organization hoodwinked them when they sold them “titles” of ownership to the team for $200 when really it isn’t worth the piece if paper it is written on. Packer fans ACTUALLY think they own the team and have a say. They are too stupid to know any better. With every preseason win they think they are going to the super bowl when in reality a bunch if guys who aren’t going to be on the opening day roster just beat a bunch of guys who aren’t on the other teams opening day roster. Not the most knowledgeable fans in the world.

  • Ryan Ojibway

    If the Packers’ fan base was one of the 5 worst in the NFL, there would be no Packers. They play in a city of 105,000 people. I assure you, if the fan base was bad, the NFL would have found a way to move them to a top 50 market by now.

  • Joe

    Please dont write anymore articles Ramon I hope you didnt get paid for this

  • txgman

    As a Cowboy fan, I found this article to be terribly misinformed. The Packers are arguably the best fan base in the NFL, as much as it pains me to admit. Seattle and Washington fans support their respective teams, even in drought years. And no one with knowledge of the history blames Houston’s fans for the Oilers moving to Tennessee – that was driven more by Houston residents finally standing up to Bud Adams’ constant demands for taxpayer largess. The only team on your list that rightfully deserves criticism is Jacksonville due to their fan apathy now that the team isn’t winning.

  • Albert Ramirez

    Ramon you love the Dallas “Crackwagon”Cowgirls anybody can see that. Your article is horrible and you can tell you hate Houston because we are a way better city then your beloved Austin and your cousin dallas. Houston don’t need Austin nor dallas it has more people then both of your city combined. You bring up the cowgirls like they are relevant they been irrelevant for the last 20 years nobody cares about them anymore. I saw the Steelers and Bears play at Cowgirl stadium and beat the crap out of them and there were more Steeler and Bear fans ( black and gold terrible towels and bear jerseys) the cowgirls looked liked they were the visiting team!! And i am sure the Redskin fans think the Giants are their true rivalry now not the below average Cowgirls you are living in the past (early 90′s) like all you cowgirl fans do. You are writing and saying stuff about the cowgirls because you want to BELIEVE it is still 20 years ago when they were good but unfortunately nobody cares about the cowgirls anymore until they at least make the playoffs. At least the Texans made the playoffs in their first ten years and we have a great owner unlike you all and every true football fan will tell you the Texans are way better then your beloved crackwagon team

  • Chris

    I am not sure what is more shocking… Oakland not being on this list, or Houston being on it. Or the fact that Green Bay is not #2.

    Now, I understand that this is not “most obnoxious” fanbases, but worst is worst. But if we are talking % of people who support the team…no way GB or Houston should be on the list. Most obnoxious…GB should….but so should Dallas possibly, for certain the Patriots, and maybe the Giants. #1 Redskins, no brainer, on any list. . #2 Houston, what a joke – Should be Seattle or GB. Houston is a great town, with great people. Houston is rabid about the Texans, and they support them well, even when losing. Now…this is coming from a Cowboys fan, from Texas, born and raised much closer to Houston than Dallas, and currently lives an hour from Green Bay (though hopefully not for too much longer)…..I agree that all true Oilers fans (over age 40) because Titans fans, but they have learned to support the Texans, while still cheering for the Titans. I would say that 80% now cheer for Texans when they play the Titans. Rule #1 in Texas, all Cowboys fans love the Texans (or Oilers) but not all Texans fans love the Cowboys. It is no secret that the Cowboys are the #1 most loved team in America…with almost 16% of all fans supporting them, but they are also the #1 most hated…just like the Yankees in Baseball, or Lakers in Basketball. Texans (residents of Texas) that grow up hating the Cowboys (probably because they have a yankee parent) naturally go to the Texans. As do many Texans who choose to root against the Cowboys because….well….they are the Cowboys. But one thing sure, anywhere in the state of Texas….or Oklahoma, Arkansas, and most of Louisiana (sorry Saints but anything outside 2 hours of New Orleans doesn’t like you), if the Cowboys are not on the TV, and the Texans are, you can bet your ass that Texans (the residents) are watching the Texans (the team).

    Jacksonville – ok…I see why they are on the list, they suck, they cant fill seats, but, they are all people who lover their local….OK…the hell with it…Florida, which is 50% retired yankees from the northeast who are going to continue to support the team they have supported for 40 years, are not going to drive to jacksonville to watch them. Really…Florida can barely support two teams. Move the team to LA, Vegas, Salt Lake, San Antonio, El Paso, Portland, or Lousiville. Ok..San Antonio wont work because Cowboys….well…it could…the Vikings and Saints almost moved their. They will fill the Alamodome every week, and sell out every game, sell alot of merchandise….but people who love the cowboys arent going to change because they bring in a new town. LA..obvious…but they are broke and can ony support their local politicians petty cash accounts. Portland…that is intriguing, but last is all we need wacko liberals ruining the game of football. next thing you know is they will outlaw hitting. Vegas….hell…just the tourist can support the team, but El Paso and Louisville…those might be great. ElPaso metro Area, and cities like Alburqurque, Odessa/Midland, etc that arent that bad of a drive…your talking alot of people, in the safest city in the US, and people who really need a team to supports….other than UTEP.

    Green Bay- as a Dallas Fan, going to a game at Lambaeu, in fact of 11 meetings in Lambeau between the two it was the ONLY one the Cowboys have ever won (rivalry…23 games…home team is 22-1), it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Truly one thing every football fan has to do. Green Bay fans, at least at the game, are very respectful. OK…that was a big lie. They are hard…if you are wearing opposite colors, but they really are respectful, for an NFL game. At the Bars on the strip by the stadium…dressed in Silver and Blue…they were very nice, and fun and hell to party with. NOW….the average joe, across the state, buying brats and beer at the grocery store, they are just plain rude, they have a tude, they think they are high and mighty, and i cant blame them….most of these guys who are huge fans never get to a game. I means…the Packers waiting list for season tickets is pushed out about 30 YEARS right now. Most people that I know that have been to a game have been to a preseason game.

    The list need more clarification on what is worst? GB and Houston cant possibly be on the same list as Seattle and Jacksonville.

  • Seahawk

    You judge the Green Bay fans for not being effective during home games, then you dismiss Seattle fans despite their fervor and savvy which creates the best fan-made home team advantage. And the Kingdome was the same, loud as hell, without strategic engineering. Are many Hawks’ fans arrogant on the net? Sure (like scores of 49er fans, and Pat fans, and, well every other team’s fans when they are enjoying a modicum of success.). But to put them on a bottom five fan list is petty, or lazy.

  • David Abraham

    Redskins is not racially based and that makes a difference. I hate the Redskins, but for all those that want to change the name, go to hell. Tradition has to start meaning something and the Redskins have a long tradition with their name, as well as the area they are in. This is about a football team, not a politically correct convention.

  • sodo1979

    You didn’t make any good arguments in this article. Maybe a little bit regarding DC but the rest didn’t make any sense. Why not make this list based on crime stats at games, arrests, fights, low attendance, pre game atmosphere, ……you know stuff along these lines!!

  • jim88

    As a Cowboy fan living in Houston, I have to say your observation about football fans here rooting for the Titans is the most ignorant statement I’ve ever seen by a “professional” journalist. You said all the ones you know were Titan fans so my question is “how many do you know?”. I’m guessing the over/under on that is 1.

    Also, as someone of native-American heritage, I’m offended by your racist statement that the Redskins name is offensive. I see it as honoring my ancestors. Yes, you’re a f***ing racist, Ramon Ramirez. I call for your firing by Fansided.

  • DrBear

    Remember the bit about infinite monkeys on infinite typewriters eventually writing all the works of Shakespeare? For this article, it was three monkeys, 10 minutes. (BTW, the Packers sold out every game – EVERY GAME – between the time Lombardi left and Super Bowl 31, three decades with only two playoff appearances. There are teams that can’t sell out with good teams.)

  • Tlewis23

    Not one mention of the gang banger trash that comprises the Raiders fan base? Multiple stabbing and brawls every year…

  • Brian McKeever

    Wow…how off base can one article be? No Steelers fans, the most obnoxious fans in football; nor Eagles fans, the most vile and combative; nor Jets fans, well known for being ignorant blowhards; nor Dolphins fans, who don’t bother showing up even when the team is good? You, sir, obviously know NOTHING about which you write.

  • Evil G

    The only one they got right was Jacksonville.

  • Rick

    Wow this guys an idiot. “Footholes?” Must be some new rock climbing term from someone who’s never done it… a lot like this article based solely on conjecture and personal opinion from someone who obviously only knows less about football and the NFL fanbases than he does about quality sports writing. Pew!

  • Joe Clark

    You call an article that is not even 1/2 a paragraph a report?

  • Eli Miller

    So to sum up why you dislike Green Bay, Where is the homefield advantage? and YOu have too much history so you suck. DURRRR I WRITE ARTICLES MASH MASH MASH. I wouldn’t quit your day job chief.

  • PaxonNative

    Good job finding a photo of the Jaguar’s stadium that’s not actually during game time. I’m not sure if you watch football, or have ever watched football, but there’s usually not over 40 players and personnel on the field facing away from each other during the actual game. And I’d love to see that list of yours that includes 10 other North American cities more deserving of an NFL team than Jacksonville. Hell, I can name several teams already in the NFL with less fans in the stands; and that’s when they’re winning. Don’t quit your day job Ramon.

  • kurt

    You are dumb. HTTR!

  • Zach Alston

    This writer is HORRIBLE!

  • 286orp

    Raiders? 49ers at home? Maybe not in the new stadium, the security could be better either way.

    I don’t get how Packers fans are on this list. The ones at the Ravens game last year don’t scream troublemakers out loud to me.The little 12 year old girl who didn’t “give me five” cause wasn’t wearing purple was the worst fan of the day. And I’ve seen even some Vikings fans beat up Packers fans in Minneapolis.

    Ravens fans are also crazy drunks if you sit in the wrong section. Jets and Eagles fans should also be on this list. I never heard anyone who’s an Eagles fan actually want to see a game at the Linc.