Aaron Hernandez Taken From Home in Handcuffs (Photo)


We’ve all been waiting for it to happen and now it has. After searching his home and pressing for evidence, police have arrested New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez in connection with the homicide of Odin Lloyd. Per multiple reports including one form Mike Florio and ProFootballTalk.com, Hernandez was taken in handcuffs by police to jail to be booked in connection with their current murder investigation.

Per multiple reports, Hernandez has been taken into custody, “cuffed and stuffed” as the police types say it.

Hernandez went from being the Patriots main hope of surviving while Rob Gronkowski sits out with an injury to a suspect in a murder investigation that has turned up more incriminating evidence than the tight end would have liked. The arrest comes on the heels of false — make that now premature– reports that an arrest warrant had been filed by police.

Hernandez’s attorney lashed out at the media for circulating this report but no less than 72 hours after making that statement his client is in handcuffs and facing very serious charges.

Police weren’t fond of the fact that Hernandez destroyed a home surveillance system that could have helped in the case and the tight end also had his house scrubbed clean before police could search it for DNA. Add this to the fact that Lloyd’s body was found not far from Hernandez’s house and the fact that he was with him the night of the murder and you have yourself a very tough case to beat.

Hernandez is still innocent until proven guilty so all judgement needs to be reserved for a jury and the courts. But Hernandez has been arrested which means his future is not looking bright at all.

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