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Alex Rodriguez Thinks Yankees are Intentionally Slowing Down His Rehab Process

Well, Alex Rodriguez has managed to push himself towards the front of the baseball spotlight once again.

After joining Twitter a little over a month ago, it didn’t take long for Rodriguez to cause a stir with Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman, ending in him telling Arod to “shut the f— up.” You can read all about that here.

Afterwards, Rodriguez publicly apologized for the incident, saying that his tweet was “pure excitement” about the news. However, an anonymous source close to Rodriguez, ESPN reports, claims that the Yankees don’t want Rodriguez to return. The source was quoted as saying “Alex thinks there’s something really off about this situation, here we have a doctor declaring him fit to play. You think they would be happy about that.” The source also said that Rodriguez felt that the Yankees want to collect their insurance on him instead of paying him the rest of the money that they owe him on his massive 270 million dollar contract, saying “Alex thinks it’s all about the insurance. How could it not be?”

Brian Cashman, of course, denied this by saying  “He’s not being slowed down or anything. Make no mistake; if Alex Rodriguez is healthy, we want him, and I want him, playing third base for us yesterday. We’re clearly a better team with him. We’re taking every step in the process, but we can’t have him unless he’s ready. Period.” On the Biogenesis scandal, which could potentially give the Yankees the right to void Arod’s contract, Cashman said “We have no knowledge of where the Biogenesis stuff is except for what I read in the papers. Baseball’s in charge of this stuff. We’re not a part of that process. They’re not keeping us in the loop or making us aware of anything. For us, it’s business as usual until they tell us otherwise.” 

For the Yankees, Rodriguez’s contract is looking worse and worse, and it makes sense why they would want to, privately, avoid paying most of it. However, this whole mess is likely to cause a strain on the Yankees’ and Arod’s relationship, a relationship that was most definitely strained by Rodriguez batting .090 in the playoffs last year.

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