Los Angeles Lakers Hang Banner Outside Staples Center Begging Dwight Howard to Re-Sign

The Los Angeles Lakers are just getting desperate now in their attempts to bring back Dwight Howard in free agency. With the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks gearing up to make mega runs at Howard and throw buckets of money at him, the Lakers are trying lure him back with a wry smile and a banner that’s hanging outside of Staples Center.

While other teams are preparing to make runs at Howard, the Lakers actually have the most money to throw at him. While most teams can offer around $88 million over four years, the Lakers can offer over $100 million spread out over five years.

But Howard may want a shorter contract, if even by a year, so that he can hit the market again while relatively youthful so he can secure another big contract. The desperation shown by the Lakers though is cathartic to some who were angered by the relative ease in which they acquired Howard back before last season.

If the pain and suffering of the regular season and early exit from the postseason wasn’t enough, the Lakers groveling like a lowly small market team, pleading to get Dwight Howard back is an image that is appealing to more than just a few NBA fans.

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