Greatest Hit in History of Legends (Lingerie) Football League? (Video)

If I ask you about the Legends Football League, you probably would have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about. If I asked you about the Lingerie Football League, you’d know immediately.

Okay, now that we’re on the same page, what was the Lingerie Football League is now the Legends Football League (I guess women running around nearly naked isn’t good for the image). Anyway, despite the vast majority (read: all) of people watching the league to simply see some T&A, there are actually some pretty impressive plays made during the games. One such play comes from Ashley Salerno, who apparently patterned her game after Dick “Night Train” Lane. Seriously, this is a blood churning hit. Even worse was how the poor girl just laid there like some piece of road kill.

The first two angles, while impressive, don’t do the hit justice. The third and final angle, complete with the panties flushed up the crotch, gives a much better idea to the force delivered in the blow which sent the poor young lady nearly helicoptering into the air.

Hopefully she wasn’t too hurt, but judging by the impact, she probably felt that one for a few days (weeks).

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