New England Patriots Unveil New Logo (Photo)

No, this is not some sort of Aaron Hernandez joke. The New England Patriots have actually unveiled a new logo for their team. Instead of going with the big, white cursive letters that have previously been used, the team is going with an aggressive blue block lettering that features the “Flying Elvis Logo” directly in the middle of the lettering.

Here is a side by side look at the old and new logo, courtesy of NESN:

It’s a minor change to the logo, but one that will allow the team to roll out all new merchandise and convince the fans to drop even more money to represent their favorite team.

And for a team that is going through the entire Aaron Hernandez fiasco, it is nice to have a distraction and something else to talk about other than your former tight end who is facing a murder charge.

If history is any indication, switching up a logo will certainly generate some buzz among your fan base.

What do you think of the Patriots new logo, Pats fans? Is it enough of a change to warrant discussion or is it so minor that you don’t have an opinion. Personally, I am a bigger fan of the older version, but let’s hear what you have to say in the comments section.

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