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Yasiel Puig Out of Game Following Collision With Wall

Right now, Dodger Nation is collectively holding it’s breath.

Superstar prospect Yasiel Puig has collided with the wall in right field, causing him to be removed from the game the following inning.  Puig has been a godsend for the struggling Los Angeles Dodgers, hitting an absolutely crazy .443/.473/.745 line with 8 homers and 17 RBI in his first 27 career games. In fact, Puig has been so good that people have been vouching for him to go to the All Star game, despite barely having 100 at bats on the season.

Puig originally stayed in the game, which is a testament to his toughness. However, one inning later in the 6th, he was removed and replaced in the field by Andre Ethier.

Puig’s effect on the Dodgers has been huge. Dodgers’ catcher AJ Ellis said about Puig “[His] talent is amazing. It’s a great equalizer. This guy – we saw it in spring training; the energy and talent he has, you can’t duplicate that. The rest of us, we have to stay within ourselves and play our own games, and expect our own expectations and the failures. But he’s…he’s…I’m lost for words today thinking about it. We’re all getting caught up in the energy and the wave it’s creating. It’s something I was talking to some of the other guys on the team about; all of us – 95 percent of us – consider ourselves equals in the way we play the game. We all work hard, we grind it out. ” 

The Dodgers can’t afford to lose this guy right now, All Star or not.

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