Feb 21, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers player Dwight Howard (left) and former head coach Phil Jackson arrive at the memorial service for Dr. Jerry Buss held at the Nokia Theater. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Lakers Phil Jackson Takes Departing Shots at Dwight Howard

Now an ‘employee’ of the Los Angeles Lakers, for a lack of better terms as he was recently hired as a ‘consultant’, Phil Jackson had a vested interest in Dwight Howard returning to the storied franchise.

Howard and Jackson had become somewhat close during his short stay with the Lakers with Howard even requesting the Lakers hire Jackson last season during their coaching change.

Jackson made no qualms about his desire to have Howard return to Los Angeles and admitted he had been texting Howard, hoping to influence his decision. Apparently his texts weren’t enough as Howard, as we all know, opted to sign with the Houston Rockets.

Clearly irritated, Jackson vented on Twitter in the most smooth way Jackson can:

Reflection on DHoward’s exodus. He left a distaste in Lakerland The Lakers will be fine. Pau fits MDA’s style of Off-it was about the future

What DH brings to the game is power and D. This past year didn’t show due it to rehab and confusion. If he is better of an Astro, so be it.

I’m assuming Jackson meant “better AS an Astro”. Either way, Jackson’s a calculated individual and clearly, despite not going overboard, he meant to take a few digs at the former Lakers center.

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    nobody has won a title with this clown.. he has a great built with moderate talent and would be eaten alive by many centers from the past and some in the league now.


    I like the idea of the Lakers being the clowns and laughing stock..it matches the image most have of the city and state, that don’t/won’t live in nutsack haven. Enjoy the gays, liberals, punk ass thugs and hollywood creeps

    • Rave on!

      Well, your name pretty much explains your nonsensical post.

  • Martin Susman

    Phil Jackson has earned the right to judge players BUT Dwight Howard was not a purple & gold player… The real & sad fact about this whole thing is how Jimmy Buss totally destroyed the Lakers by gambling on the team saying, “No sign n trade”… Just think of how the Lakers would look today if they had agreed long ago to allow Dwight to go to the Golden State team & in return we would now have Harrison Barnes & Klay Thompson plus possible Bogut. You tell me that we are better off with NOTHING for Dwight then we would have been with those players….. Truth be told the Buss family need sto vote Jimmy Buss out of his job before he continues his distrutive ways…. Jim Buss has shown himself to be unable to run a team. First off he hires a coach, then fires him, then hires another coach who benches a top 5 power forward & not only destroys hi game but his overall value on the trade market, them gambles stupidly on Dwight & loses Dwight along with any value he could have gotten…. Sorru people, Jim Buss needs to be gone & IF Mitch was part of all this, he needs to follow……….. The team now needs to bring in Byron Scott as head coach, D. Fish J. Salley, K, Jabbar, N. Nixon & L. Walton to coach the future team, a group of coaches that would make every free agent in 2014 beg to be on the team. Oh, I forgot, Jerry West needs to be brought back or put Magic into the Mitch slot…..