Jun 29, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Chicago Cubs designated hitter Alfonso Soriano (12) hits a two-run homer against the Seattle Mariners during the eleventh inning at Safeco Field. Chicago defeated Seattle, 5-3. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Trade Rumors: Chicago Cubs Alfonso Soriano Increasing Stock

Alfonso Soriano of the Chicago Cubs is on what you could call a hot streak over the last few weeks, which has done nothing but make his name pop up even more in MLB trade rumors as we approach the deadline.

Soriano has hit five home runs and 13 RBIs in his past eight contests. Despite being 37 years old, it appears Soriano is starting to see his market heat up.

Here’s ESPN’s Bruce Levine on the matter:

Soriano was once thought to be untradeable with a season and a half left on an eight-year, $136 million contract. That theory was erased when San Francisco and the Cubs had a deal in place last August. The outfielder said no to the trade, invoking his 10-5 veto rights. This time around, with $26 million left on the contract, the affable Dominican slugger might say yes. If he had said yes to the Giants a season ago, a World Series ring would be a part of his baseball hardware collection.

Soriano better be open to any trade that comes along. Contenders would love to have his bat off the bench at this point. Levine is right—had Soriano said yes last year he would have won a World Series.

He would be foolish to pass up another opportunity.


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