There is an NFL Billboard From 2006 Still Hanging in New York City

Ah yes, the kickoff to the NFL season featuring the Miami Dolphins and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Aren’t you guys excited?

Let me check the NFL schedule to see when the Fish and the Steel City are set to kickoff. Is it a Thursday like normal? Wait – I don’t see that game scheduled. In fact, I haven’t seen the Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers scheduled to open the NFL season since 2006!

So why is there an NFL billboard still active in New York City promoting the game from 2006? Your guess is as good as mine.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell, along with a hat tip from @nickwoodhouse found the lonely billboard just sitting in the sky, some place over the city, complete with the old Paul Tagliabue signature on the ball.

As you’ll recall, both Diddy (I still don’t like calling him that) along with his labelmate Cassie and Rascal Flatts were part of the NFL’s “kick off” celebration as evidenced by the advertising on the billboard.

One would assume the NFL has been paying a monthly rent fee on the advertisement as it’s extremely unlikely the company that owns the rights to that structure would just overlook the mistake, though, they’re probably cussing everybody’s who is bringing the mistake to light right now.

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