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Alabama Crimson Tide Show Off Locker Room Waterfall (Photo)

Being the defending back-to-back national champions allows you to live a life of luxury. For the Alabama Crimson Tide, that comes in the form of a waterfall in the locker room. We passed along the information last month when David Cornwell, the nation’s top pro-style quarterback that recently committed to Alabama, shared the news on Twitter.

Now, we finally have a visual of what the waterfall adds to the ambiance of the locker room area.

Here was the tweet that allowed us to see the brand new waterfall in the Alabama facility:

That looks pretty appealing and could certainly help attract new recruits — if the surplus of national championships and the ability to be a part of the top program in college football isn’t already enough.

What do you think of the addition to the Alabama facility? Is it overkill or a cool addition that allows Alabama to stand out from the rest of the pack? Sound off in the comments section and share your thoughts with all of us below.

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  • Jessica Pugh

    maybe if there schedule was a little harder someone would beat them.. 79th in strength of schedule. what kind of bull crap is that .. Its pathetic.. No wonder they win every year!!!!!!!!

    • Rollllllllll

      Explain to me why you are on a picture of something ALABAMA and just want to whine? Typical.

      • Dennis Fay

        Has Nothing To Do With Alabama.. Does Everyone Who Goes To Alabama Get That Kind Of Treatment. Thought It Was Student First, Not Athlete/Student?? Its Like That At Every School. No Wonder 30 NFL Players Have Been Arrested Since The Superbowl..

    • BMoney


    • Taylor Shellito

      They play in the SEC West!!! Their schedule is hard regardless. Where do you get 79th strength of schedule from???? Typical SEC haterz making excuses. They are 2 time defending national champs because they are the best. And no matter who they play, Notre Dame, Michigan, ect. they find ways to win. Do you even watch football????

      • Bunk60

        I’m a Gator so in the SEC and Alabama’s schedule is cupcake this year. You play LSU and Texas A&M. You avoid Florida, Georgia and South Carolina in the East this year. You play nobody this year. Before you talk you should know what you’re talking about.
        I’m not saying Alabama is overrated but your schedule is cupcake this year. “We play in the SEC and our schedule is always hard” is not something you should be throwing around this year.

        • Rob

          We would play UF, Georgia, and SC if we could. Saban actually tried to get more SEC games put on the schedule and the SEC told him no. So before you talk you should know what you’re talking about. No matter what happens in order for us to win the NC we have to win the SEC. Which is the only game that matters all year anyways. Let it be UF, UGA, SC who ever.

    • Brian Viola

      Maybe if you had a clue on how college football schedules were made you wouldn’t make a comment that makes absolutly no sense, Alabama nor do any other teams choose their schedule if you didn’t know this, the SEC chooses.
      Typical armchair QB don’t have a clue, but hey 09 you can’t say that about our schedule, hell pretty much every year we prolly play harder teams than your team does, well if your a Auburn fan it doesn’t matter because we beat every team you lost to, including beating Auburn. So that makes your post look way out of wack.

      • Cole Herrell

        No one sleeps on Bama. Everyone plays Bama like they would play a bowl game. You can tell because people talk about “remember that year we beat Bama?” It’s always forever ago, too.

  • BMoney

    It isn’t overkill, it just adds to successful recruiting. Do 18 year old kids prefer a waterfall, or the facilities at Auburn which consists of a washtub? The proof is in the pudding.

  • tim

    NOT long before one of those 1 tooth mullet wearing bammer fans decide to go over the waterfalls in a barrel

    • Brian Viola

      Another typical, judgemental person who knows nothing about Alabama or it’s fanbase, unless you are a Auburn fan if so you deffinatly don’t want to go there.

      • tim

        was raised in a bammer household 5 brothers & sisters mom & dad all bammer fans, I was the chosen one who decided that AUBURN was the best. besides these bammers will use this as a drinking fountain lol

  • Cole Herrell

    I could give or take the waterfall; it doesn’t really add that much. However, I want that “A” wall in my kitchen!

  • Seth Sanders

    Guys I am an idiot, please help me discern where the waterfall part is? My eyes are bad and I am confused due to the picture where the water is actually falling other than the two obvious spouts which i assume is not what the fuss is about. Once again I have bad eyes and would love some insight on this picture. Thanks!

    Seth Sanders

  • Bunk60

    First off, that’s hardly a waterfall. Second, that doesn’t appear to be in the locker room, it looks to be in the training room with the “waterfall” pouring into the cold tanks. No ambiance of any kind can make the cold tanks any kind of enjoyable. It looks nice but let’s not overstate this.