NBA Trade Rumors: Milwaukee Bucks Could Target Kings’ Jimmer Fredette

Apr 15, 2013; Oklahoma City, OK, USA; Sacrament Kings guard Jimmer Fredette (7) handles the ball against Oklahoma City Thunder guard Thabo Sefolosha (2) during the second half at Chesapeake Energy Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmer Fredette is not a name you have likely heard during this NBA free agency period, but the Sacramento Kings swingman could end up being targeted by the Milwaukee Bucks according to reports.

The Bucks are of course on the market for more players at the position. Sacramento has also made it well known Fredette is available via trade.

The report comes from  Sam Amico of FOX Sports Ohio:

Meanwhile, once the market settles down, the Bucks could make a play for San Antonio Spurs guard Gary Neal or Sacramento Kings guard Jimmer Fredette, sources said. Fredette is clearly available, with the Kings seemingly expecting little but a late draft pick or two in return.

The report also lists Gary Neal, who just re-upped with the San Antonio Spurs. However, it seems the Spurs want to keep him around for quality depth purposes.

Fredette is the safe bet here if the Bucks truly want to add another guard. He has not been all that spectacular during his short time in the league and the Kings are not exactly hiding their rebuilding ways. Stay tuned, we have a feeling this one is just developing.


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  • pointforward

    Oh dear god, no. Jimmer Fredette is one of the worst players ever to suit up in NBA history. I’m still shocked that he was rated and drafted so high. He should have been a low second round pick or a rookie free agent. This guy is terrible and the Bucks signing a bunch of mediocre players (Delfino and Pachulia) who have been with the team before is a clear sign that they want to tank this year. Oh, and we traded away our best defender.

    • DrewNusser

      It’s funny that a Bucks fan is saying that after this happened last year –

      He had multiple games where he put in 12-15 points in a quarter, just to not play for the rest of the game. He was also playing for the coach that got fired for making Curry pretty much disappear. Don’t be surprised when Jimmer lights it up for a new coach (or whole new team).

      • pointforward

        Zero chance of that happening. It’s a shame that you and the other doofus above want to judge this guy based on a 4 minute clip of one decent game he had. Did you watch him 3 or 4 dozen times like I did when he was in college? He’s a stiff. Another unathletic white guy that whitebread Milwaukee fans hope will be great. He can’t play defense at all and he doesn’t make his teammates better because he’s a black hole when you pass him the ball.

        Tobias Harris put up 10-15 points in the first quarter while starting for the Bucks as well, then he was benched for the rest of the game because the team was always in the minus when he was on the floor (another guy who can fill it up but will give up more points than he scores). He put up huge numbers after the trade, but that was all smoke and mirrors and the result of being on a better team. Mark my words, Tobias will prove in the long run to be a mediocre NBA journeyman, like a poor man’s Richard Jefferson (and that guy was way over rated in the first place).

        • Matt Marcum

          We aren’t judging his play off one game. hes had plenty of those games. We are just pointing out how ridiculous you are especially since you try to use his college career as support of him not being good. The guy took home every NPOY honor. And stop lying and saying you watched him play. Your only embarrassing yourself by using his college career to support your argument. His college career is the last thing you want to use.

          • pointforward

            No, he’s had a small handful of those games in 2 full NBA seasons. Who cares about NPOY honors? Anyone can put up huge numbers in college. It doesn’t mean they have the athleticism to compete on the big state (I did watch him dozens of times because I played college ball and am a scout for a small school currently; I rated him very poorly for athleticism and in college you could beat his team either by letting him get his and locking everyone else down or coming up with a trick to lock him down, which was pretty easy).
            He sucks. Period.

          • Matt Marcum

            Everyone on here knows you are so full of it point forward! Are you seriously talking about your English degree and your IQ now? Wow. So not only are you full of it and delusional your a completely arrogant tool. Was it an associates in english?Seriously I could talk all day long how my Business Degree is better than yours but this is a sports website. Seriously, take your obsessive Jimmer bitterness elsewhere as well as your supposed superior IQ. You are not worth debating with, especially with all the the dumb comments you make about his college career. There is a reason they were ranked as high as 3rd with only 3 losses near the end of the season before they lost Davies. Get your BS straight. Like Sean said there is a reason why Jimmer and all the NBA GM’s who love him are in the NBA and your stuck pumping gas. You and your awesome english degree are not even worthy to tie his shoes. Keep on going with all your envious hate while Jimmer starts to blow up over the next few years now that Smart cant hold him down.

          • pointforward

            Aw…is the poor little baby with the 3rd grade literacy level and 90 IQ troubled by the fact that he looks stupid every time he opens his mouth? Sorry for you. A business degree just means you are a sociopath who is inherently corrupt and has a 5th grade math comprehension at best as well (I also studied calculus and tutored logic in college). A Master’s in English is a far cry from your little marketing degree, the whole of which you learned could have been learned at that first six months of your first stint at McDonalds.

            The NBA GMs DON’T love Jimmer. THAT’S why you’re an idiot. His PRO numbers (and I really rarely mentioned his college career except to say that TONS of players do great in college and suck as pros)are horrifyingly bad and you are bitterly and dogmatically sticking to the view that he has talent. He does not.

            There’s no envy. As I said before, Jimmer couldn’t have held my jock when I was his age. I was stopped from playing college ball by a broken neck, but I averaged a quintuple double on the playgrounds and drew scouts when I dominated the local Big Ten team. Dunked on Michael Finley at the age of 35 (and could still dunk at age 46 and an inch shorter than Jimmer) and held Reece Gaines scoreless when he was a senior All American at Louisville. He was a much better player than Jimmer, and, like Jimmer, got only the 3 year rookie contract and never played in the NBA again. Bank on that coming true. Jimmer will dominate the Australian B League in two years.

          • Matt Marcum

            I find it funny that you talk about my grammar and literacy when yours is obviously worse. That supposed masters degree did wonders for you. Oh and did you just really use the basketball playground as part of your resume? How in the world did NBA scouts overlook you? Wow you really did get screwed. Atleast I get a laugh out of your posts. So thank you for that.Its obvious you have an inferiority complex who likes to tell magical stories to somehow ease that bitterness about not getting recruited from the playgrounds. Im sure you once schooled Lebron too in your storied basketball career.I cant debate with someone like that especially since you refuse to accept reality as it is. Instead you just want to give excuses about how much better you are than these NBA players and what should have or could have been.You just sound bitter. Thats pretty sad. But seriously, no one cares to hear you go on about yourself. Just go away.

          • pointforward

            Oh good lord you’re stupid. I haven’t made a single error in either grammar or usage on a single post, while your first posts were clearly written at a third grade level (I would know because that’s what I do for a living as well).
            No magical stories. It’s all the truth. I was actually offered a preferred walk on status and was to get a scholarship the next semester before my car accident. I would have started, because I dominated this Big Ten team (BTW, Jimmer had all of his greatest moments in one of the worst conferences in the country, a conference that produces worse basketball than the playgrounds of NY, Detroit, Philly, Chicago and LA; I suppose you’ve never heard of Earl Manigault and thousands of other playground legends who were better than the NBA players of the time).

            You’re the one who can’t accept reality and are the blind lover. 40% means you’re a shitty player. 1.7 assists means you’re a shitty point guard. THAT’S reality It’s really amazing that you fell in love with Jimmer while mopping the toilets of the athletic department of BYU and flunking out of technical school. Your fantasies of giving it to him up the ass are probably frowned upon in such a hardcore right wing state.

          • Matt Marcum

            Pointforward I didn’t even bother reading your last reply. But Im sure its filled with the same old fantasies of how you dominated the NBA elite on the playgrounds, your online English Degree (btw who brags about an English Degree anyways), how Jimmer sucks and that you should have been drafted instead. Im not going to waste my breath reading your posts and replying to your mindless delusions anymore. All I am going to say is accept reality for what it is… Jimmer is in the NBA and you are not and he will be for years to come. No matter how much you hate the guy nothing you say or do will change that. Just accept it and stick with what your good at, scouting for the local Junior High School basketball team and pumping my gas at 7 Eleven.

          • Guest

            An English Degree is a sign of intelligence. What sort of sociopathic asshole brags about his business degree? Oh yeah, a sociopath…

            Only a sociopathic retard who plays videogames and couldn’t make a layup would refuse to believe that there aren’t thousands of great athletes who could have made it. The best disc golfer in the world lives in my home city right now and he never plays tournaments. His name will never be in the record books, but he beats the top 5 players in the world every single time he plays against them by a wide margin (he not only makes almost all of his 40 foot putts, but he can throw further than the longest guy on tour).

            You’re just a fucking racist moron who wants to believe a shitty player is good just because he’s white, despite mounds of evidence against it. Sad.

            Jimmer will be done after his rookie contract. I would have been all Big Ten (and BYU at its best is a 5th place team in that conference) if I hadn’t broken my neck 2 months after the head coach scouted me on the playground after I DESTROYED his team. That’s just a fact, asshole.

          • Mark Anderson

            He never bragged about his Business Degree, whereas you wont stop rambling on about yours. Id much rather have a Business Degree than your shitty English Degree. A lot more money to be made. And what the hell is disc golfing?? That’s like me bragging about being the best croquet player. No one cares about disc golfing. I bet most haven’t even heard of it. Only the best play in the NBA. Not some wanna be school yard player like yourself. Are their great players outside the NBA? Sure. But just not good enough to play in the NBA themselves.
            And stop calling every one racist just because they happen to like a player who happens to be white. Your the one making yourself out to be the racist because your calling everyone a racist for liking white players.

          • Guest

            No, asshole, he did indeed brag about his business degree (I mentioned my English degree once and then again to defend an attack on it). Who the fuck said it was about money? There is way more to life than money, and EVERYONE who has a business degree is a corrupt sociopath. (and a best selling novel is worth quite a lot of money)
            Disc golfing is a professional sport where the top players make in excess of 100K per year working 10 hours a week around 35 weeks per year. I’ll bet that a sorry ass loser like you mopping toilets at the 7/11 makes his 100K every 5 years working 52 hours a week.

            Only the best play in the NBA? Please, dipshit. Is Ish Smith deserving of being in the NBA? John Brockman? Reece Gaines? Hell fucking no. Would Earl Manigault have changed the game in the late 60s if he hadn’t been a junkie? Hell fucking yes. Learn the history of the game and the world before you spout such ignorant bullshit. There have been thousands of geniuses in hundreds of fields who weren’t recognized until after their deaths (sometimes hundreds of years later) as the best at what they did because they were so far ahead of their time.

            It’s inherently racist to like a white player who is shitty by defending him and calling him great (and I am white, BTW). You should realize that the day after George Zimmerman was freed instead of executed.

          • Mark Anderson

            Wow so not only are you a white that hates other whites you stereotype as well. There are plenty of people with business degrees that have started their own small businesses to help our economy and their community. That’s like me calling every german a Nazi. Never in any situation is it right to stereotype. Same as with white players which you keep stereotyping. Im guessing you feel strongly that guys like Steve Nash and John Stockton were busts too since they were white.

            As for his business degree this was his exact quote “Seriously I could talk all day long how my Business Degree is better than yours but this is a sports website”. He was simply making a point that he has no desire to talk about his degree since this is a sports site and that you should not either. As for Jimmer I will say this, I think hes pretty average or below average currently. But you cant help but root for the guy with his character and his work ethic. NBA needs more guys like him including Kevin Durant who by the way is my favorite player.

            And as for you insulting me I could care less. You have no idea what I do for a career and your opinion means shit to me.

          • Mark Anderson

            You sound like a broken record. Bro your embarrassing yourself. No one gives a rats ass about your English Degree, your IQ or your grammar. This is about sports.

          • Guest

            Regarding sports, I’m still absolutely correct: Jimmer is a worthless piece of shit as a player and any GM that signs him after his rookie contract is up is insane, stupid, and a racist who just wants the bad white boy to do well.

          • pointforward

            You’re so illogical that I doubt you could have gotten into a technical college, much less BYU. I think we can see who the true liar is here: it’s Matt Marcum, the guy who writes and speaks on a third grade level (I also have an English degree, but I suppose you won’t believe that fact any more than you will the facts about Jimmer’s TERRIBLE NBA stats).

      • pointforward

        BTW–What did you mean by “this” happening last year? It looks to me like “this” was a better team losing at home to a really crappy team. Jimmer made 5 plays in 4 minutes. So what? His much more talented team still lost at home.

        • DrewNusser

          Good point. 13 points in the last 4 minutes is easy, especially for a small, unathletic white boy. Also, he brought his team back from 15 down in those 4 minutes and made it a good game. Here are a few more examples of him lighting it up for 10-15 points in 5 minute spans – I just chose that one because it was against the Bucks.

          There have been a ton more. He was the #1 scorer in the league per 36 minutes through a good portion of last season. As for the unathletic lies, take a look at his combine times compared to the supposedly more athletic players. He’s right there with them in any measurement. Here’s a link to the 2011 PGs.

          Your Bucks would be lucky to have this guy, but unfortunately I think he’s staying with the Kings.

          • pointforward

            Wrong. He has averaged 7.4 points per game for 16 minutes per game. His projected 36 minutes points comes out to about 17 per game (or are you that bad at math?). I don’t see how he could lead the league in projected 36 minutes scoring with only 17 per game, when there were plenty of guys in the league who average 20-30 points a game and played almost exactly 36 per game. Gotta love that 40% shooting and 37% from 3 point range. The astonishing 3.5 assists a game projected to 36 minutes. Scary good.

            So what if he comes off the bench well rested and lights it up for a few minutes on occasion against tired teams that are trying to eke out wins. He does it very efficiently and you are looking at small and very occasional samples and not his whole body of work. There’s a reason his coaches keep him on the bench most of the time and he only plays 16 minutes a game: he basically sucks. Who cares about his weak combine times (that is mediocre; at his age I ran a 4.4 40 and had a 34 inch standing vert and 46 inches max vert)? Look at the way he MOVES. Slow, awkward and terrible. He would never have scored a point against me.

            It is unfortunate for the Kings that he is staying there. The only place he can succeed is with a roster loaded with guys like Tyreke. He’ll be out of the league in another few years when nobody wants him.

          • DrewNusser

            First, I said that he led the NBA through most of last season, which is true. I think he dropped out of the #1 in February. As far as the shooting goes – he shot just under 42% from 3 last year, and that’s on a team that couldn’t (or wouldn’t) help him get an open look to save their lives. Not bad at all.

            Also, good for you and your amazing athleticism – I’m sure you were incredible in your younger days. But if you could shut down Jimmer, you would be a multimillionaire. Here’s a video of him torching Kawhi Leonard in college. If Kawhi had nothing for him (one of the best young defenders in the NBA), I’m sorry, but you probably wouldn’t stand a chance.

            Kawhi starts guarding him towards the end – the rest of the video is him killing the double-team of the #6 NCAA team.

          • Matt Marcum

            Drew sometimes you just cant sway those that are blind haters no matter how incorrect their argument is.

          • DrewNusser

            Good point. I think I’ll leave it at this.

          • pointforward

            No, you are suffering from blind, racist love of the white boy who can’t play. I’ve laid out an accurate case with statistics as to why he sucks. That’s not blind. That’s truth. I’m so glad the Bucks won’t be stuck with such a stiff on their roster. They already have too many crappy white boys in their history.

          • Mark Anderson

            No wonder you hate Jimmer so much… your a racist and an Ass Clown.

          • pointforward

            You are a racist idiot who wants to believe the white boy is good when he’s not.
            Look at his stat line. Not individual games. He averages 7.4 for his career in 16 minutes on a pathetic 40% from the field. That projects to 17 a game. There’s no way that leads the league. Or, are you just stupid when faced with statistical facts? CAREER numbers. Not isolated games or one slightly above average (a B- at best) season. His assist project to only 3.5 per 36.

            But, there is one even more salient fact: he never plays 36 minutes in a game because his COACHES know that he sucks and could never compete against first team players over that time span. He is barely athletic enough to be mediocre against he second team talent in the NBA. If he had to play against first team players for 36, he wouldn’t even get 10 points a game, he’d probably get injured a lot from being over matched physically, and he would show everyone just how bad he is.

            If not for a car accident, I would have made the big time. I can, however, say that I’ve dunked on Michael Finley and that when Reece Gaines was an All American at Louisville and home for Christmas break I shut him down to the tune of 2/11 (and both of those buckets were steals he got off bad passes by one of my team mates and I wasn’t responsible) in one half while scoring 17 myself.

            I’d say both of those guys are far better athletes than Jimmer and if I were the same age he wouldn’t even be able to get a shot off against me, much less score.

          • DrewNusser

            I said the same things about Steph Curry (gasp, a BLACK kid!) when coach Smart was killing his career, and look what happened. When people evaluated him during Smart’s reign, most said he was a great college scorer, but couldn’t really do much in the NBA. By the way, Curry’s combine times were slower than Jimmer’s, and Curry is obviously athletic enough to play in the league – he’ll probably even be an all-star soon enough. Athleticism isn’t everything in the NBA, but even if it were, Jimmer is right in the middle of the pack.

            Also, you’re the only one who has brought up race, which you have done multiple times, and it’s all been negative against white people. Clearly I’m not the one with race issues here. Stop using racism as an excuse when people disagree with you – it’s only holding you back.

            Lastly, you’re the only person on here throwing out insults, which makes you seem like a spoiled kid. Learn how to communicate like a grown-up.

            I’m sure you were a good player 30 years ago, and that’s great for you, but saying you’d have a much better chance at stopping this guy than Kawhi Leonard makes you sound delusional. Jimmer will get his chance eventually, and when he does, don’t take it personally – I promise he didn’t get good at basketball just to spite you.

          • pointforward

            I am white, for the record, and I bring up race because there is a huge reverse racism in the NBA coming from white fans and coaches who need white players (who generally suck) in the league for marketing purposes. I’m not being negative, I’m pointing out something that is structurally negative about the league and its fan base (including you, who refuse to accept the facts, both statistical and in terms of athleticism). It’s a fact and not an excuse, and Jimmer is a PR stunt, like most white players in the league.

            Steph Curry may not be a great athlete, but he does have something Jimmer lacks: better size and wingspan and a much better shot.

            As to throwing out insults and what constitutes ‘adult’ behavior in your pathetic opinion: fuck you. Dorothy Parker or Hunter Thompson would be proud of me for insulting you morons who stick to your prejudices in the face of the facts. That’s the truly infantile behavior.

            Jimmer didn’t get good at hoops, and that’s the point. If I could completely dominate and shut down a guy like Reece Gaines (who had six inches on me), who is a much better player than Jimmer, there is no question I would have made him look silly. Kawhi is not the defender you believe he is, and you’re simply wrong about that as you are about everything else you’ve posted.

          • Matt Marcum

            LOL “”he would never have scored a point against me”" . What on NBA 2k12?? Or did your mom tell you that? LOL. I don’t need to say anymore after that comment. So im guessing your better than all the NBA pros who Jimmer has shown he is capable of scoring on. You probably never played Recreation ball let alone college ball who only talks tough behind a keyboard. Your so out of touch with reality that you actually think that you are better than an NBA player. Wow just wow! Your not even worth debating with especially since you have an 8 year old mentality that lives in dreamland. Keep up with the stupid comments doofus

          • pointforward

            I played college ball in the 80s, so piss off moron.

    • Matt Marcum

      Sorry pointforward but after watching that video that Drew just posted your statement was just embarrassed.

      • pointforward

        Your grammar and usage is embarrassing.
        Jimmer couldn’t hold my jock when he was my age. He’s just another slow, no defense, no jumping ability white dude that Milwaukee fans expect to be the “great white hope” that helps the franchise become respectable again.

        The guy can shoot the ball, but he has no other basketball ability. One clip does not a career make. I saw 40 or 50 of his college games and the guy is a flat out bum with no team skills or ability to make players around him better. It’s embarrassing that you made your judgment on a video that is a few minutes long and not his whole body of work.

        • Matt Marcum

          Grammar and usage? wtf are you talking about?? What are you like 12?Jimmer couldn’t hold your jock?? wow..another keyboard warrior who is not just a jimmer hater but totally delusional and full of himself. Ya I totally believe you saw 40 or 50 of his games with the way you talk about him. I bet you never saw him play once in college let alone once in his NBA career. Blind haters don’t watch the players they hate, especially 40 or 50 of their college games. Keep on lying through your teeth fool. As for me I went to BYU and followed Jimmer closer than your sorry a$$, and have watched every NBA game hes been in. The fact that you call him a bum in college who couldn’t hold your jock is hilarious especially since he won every NPOY honor and put up unreal numbers on teams like SDSU, Gonzaga and Arizona. He took BYU to the Sweet 16 by himself. Ya total bum…keep on hatin and embarrassing yourself.

          • pointforward

            You have to watch all that tape if it’s your job. Moron.
            I don’t think anyone with the literacy level of a third grader could get into BYU, but the standards are pretty low these days and yours is the dumbest generation in the history of the planet. Case in point: I would never be dumb enough to play a video game, and you’ve clearly become a moron because you’ve rotted your brain with far too many.

            He didn’t deserve ANY of his awards. There were far better players that year, and all of them are doing better in the NBA.

    • Sean

      Pointforward– Even though I’m sure you’re probably smarter than all those NBA GMs, which probably drives you crazy while you’re pumping other people’s gas, why don’t you go back to your job at 7-11, making sure that no one get more than one free Slurpee today, and get ready to eat crow when the former college POY gets his oppotunity and tears it up. Keith Smart couldn’y ruin Curry or Lin’s careers, and he won’t have anymore chances to mess up Jimmer’s. (Can’t create a shot… Ask Kawhi Leonard if Jimmer can create a shot when he averaged 36+ points against him over four college games.) Is there a sport you do know something about? PS You’re “still shocked” because you’re not too bright.

      • pointforward

        I played college ball in the 80s and work for a small school right now in the scouting department (I also played 4 other sports in HS, won 11 total letters, and currently compete on the national level in two sports in the over 50 category, so blow it out your service industry ass). I’m sure you’re projecting when you speak of your job “pumpin’ for the man”. I also have a 150 IQ, so I’m sure a dimwit like you simply can’t understand his own racist desire for the white boy to be good when he isn’t (and never will be).

        He is the most undeserved POY in the history of the award. Just another sad, pathetic white boy who won because all the writers are white. Lin sucks. Curry can actually play. I’m not sure why you brought Smart into it–I’m guessing he disses these over rated guys?–since he was another good (not great) college player who wasn’t a good enough athlete to play on the next level. Again, who cares about his college numbers? Tons of guys put up huge numbers in college and don’t even get to the next level (or, like Jimmer, they suck when they do).

        What about the moron who said he “led the league” in projected 36 minute scoring when Jimmer only averages 17 points? I would also add that the reason he wouldn’t even get 17 if he actually played 36 minutes in a game is because he doesn’t have the stamina and conditioning to play that many minutes against first team caliber players. Jimmer puts up his pathetic 7.4 points a game in 16 minutes a game on a pathetic 40% shooting against very weak second teamers.

        He’s an execrable player and will never win a title or even be a key contributor off the bench for a good team.

        You, on the other hand, are simply an idiot.

    • braineater000

      You have no idea how stupid you sound.

      • pointforward

        I have a 150 IQ, so it’s clear that you have no idea how stupid you are.

        • Ricky Jones

          if you dont like jimmer thats your problem. but he will be a great player like stockton if he ever gets his chance. cant do nothing bench warming. cant get game rythem if coach wont let you.

  • Sean

    Pointforward– Even though I’m sure you’re probably smarter than all those NBA GMs, which probably drives you crazy while you’re pumping other people’s gas, why don’t you go back to your job at 7-11, making sure that no one get more than one free Slurpee today, and get ready to eat crow when the former college POY gets his oppotunity and tears it up. Keith Smart couldn’y ruin Curry or Lin’s careers, and he won’t have anymore chances to mess up Jimmer’s. (Can’t create a shot… Ask Kawhi Leonard if Jimmer can create a shot when he averaged 36+ points against him over four college games.) Is there a sport you do know something about? PS You’re “still shocked” because you’re not too bright.

  • Clayton1057

    lol yea man jimmer is a great shooter i would take him over quite a few bucks… plus that vid that was posted down there i saw that game and jimmer made that 3 pointer that would have tied the game after he got foul’d at the 4.7 sec mark he almost beat the bucks single handedly

  • rb847

    If the Bucks get Jimmer, and if they actually give him good playing time, you will definitely see the Kings cringe with agony once they realize Jimmer is ready to become of the NBA’s top players. Despite the King’s infamous record in giving Jimmer poor playing time, he still has managed to be one of the top three-point shooters by percentage of shots made in the league.

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