Mar 17, 2012; Louisville, KY, USA; Iowa State Cyclones forward Royce White (30) looks up at the clock after fouling out during the second half against the Kentucky Wildcats in the third round of the 2012 NCAA men

NBA: Royce White Speaks about 100-Flight Requirement, Mental Health Awareness

An NBA regular season requires players to take over 100 airplane flights, a number that doesn’t sit well with Royce White, the former Houston Rockets draft pick now awaiting the finalization of his trade to the Philadelphia 76ers. When asked about the prospect of so much flying, White, who has well-documented struggles with anxiety, was firm in his refusal to undergo such stress:

One hundred flights would be like if you’re allergic to peanut butter – it’d be like spreading your whole body with it.

White also spoke about his wishes for the upcoming season, appearing confident that he’d be playing for the 76ers while at the same time admitting that he was unaware as to how the franchise plans on accommodating his anxiety disorder:

Anything can happen between now and (the season). It’s every intention of mine to play. I don’t know what Philly’s intentions are. I’m just going to go there, work hard and try to earn my place.

White has become one of the biggest advocate in pro sports for mental health awareness. When asked about his role in spreading knowledge about the often misunderstood issue, White appeared hopeful :

I just hope I can continue to work with the NBA and the players’ union and whatever team I’m on to help create more mental health awareness. It’s a tough dynamic to deal with. It’s complex, but I’m glad everyone is talking about it.

[Source: USA Today]

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