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Does Yasiel Puig Have A Maturity Problem? (VIDEO)

Despite hitting .394/.428/.634 with 8 homers, 8 doubles, and 19 RBIs in his first 35 MLB games, Yasiel Puig did not make his first All Star team, losing to Freddie Freeman in the final vote. He still has an outside chance to make the team as an injury replacement or as one of manager Bruce Bochy’s selections, however.

Not everyone has been impressed with Yasiel Puig in his first year in the MLB, though. Diamondbacks’ catcher Miguel Montero had this to say of Puig- “If he’s my teammate, I probably try to teach him how to behave in the big leagues. He’s creating a bad reputation around the league, and it’s unfortunate because the talent that he has is to be one of the greatest players in the big leagues. Right now, I’m not going to say he’s the best because he hasn’t proved anything yet. Does he have talent? Of course. Does he have the tools? Of course. He’s got so much talent, it’d be really bad if he wasted it doing the stupid things that he’s doing. You have to respect to earn respect. If you don’t respect anybody, you aren’t going to earn respect.” 

This came after Puig barreled over Montero, then looked back at him in a provocative manner after the play at home. Montero has had similar words for former Diamondbacks’ touted prospect and current Indians’ prospect Trevor Bauer. This also came after he apparently brushed off Diamondbacks’ legend Luis Gonzalez in a disrespectful way.

Puig was interviewed by ESPN about his reputation around the league. Here is the video-

So, what do you think? Does Puig have a maturity problem, or is it just a misconception, possibly based on jealousy?


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