Jul 6, 2013; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Anderson Silva (yellow shorts) is introduced for his Middleweight Chamionship Bout at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Chris Weidman defeated Anderson in a TKO in the second round. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Anderson Silva Considered Retiring Before Chris Weidman Fight, Win or Lose

After Anderson Silva lost his middleweight title at UFC 162 via brutal knockout from undefeated challenger Chris Weidman, he seemed strangely at peace with the outcome of the fight. Now, coming up on a week after the fight that still has the mixed martial arts world talking, a report is coming out that Silva had actually been contemplating retirement before he ever stepped in the cage with Weidman.

The news came from Brazilian news outlet Tatame, who spoke with Team Nogueira’s Andre Galvao.

“[Anderson Silva] became a celebrity, everyone knows who he is, [he] had no peace anywhere,” Galvao said, via a Google translation. “He was tired. Win or lose, he was considering retiring, but I think this defeat will bring him more motivation to keep fighting.”

For mixed martial arts fans, the hope is that this loss brings more motivation to the greatest of all-time so that we can see him go out on top.

If he truly lost his desire to fight, then the best move would be to retire or he could risk doing long-term damage to his legacy by going out and putting on performances like this past bout. The real question is how Silva can mentally bounce back after being knocked out.

We will get those answers soon, if the planned rematch between Weidman and Silva takes place.

Hopefully we can see a motivated Silva going out to re-gain his title, instead of a Silva with no respect for his opponent who thinks he is untouchable. As Weidman showed the world, Silva is only human.

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  • rjohnson2842

    i believe it- cause it was like he was on some suicide mission, playing russian roulet just only in the octagon…. anyway, if he’s tired he should RETIRE: and it seems that he is TIRED- but 1st he should try and retain his title and then just retire on top…. it may prove to be difficult when you’re tired of it all/ its hard to find strength to get motivated, maybe the loss could do it for him- and this works well for weidman cause he wants to prove it was no fluke and i agree w/ him in regards of his knockout power- thats no fluke, but he swung 4 missed shots w/ silva taunting/and doing the stanky leg and not moving his feet, if silva uses his feetwork and fights the way we know he can; wiedman will realize the 2nd finish will be a ghost he cant catch, HE WOULD LITERALLY HAVE TO FINISH SILVA ON THE GROUND!!! and if weidman does that; LIKE HIM OR HATE HIM HE IS THE MAN! BUT IF SILVA GOES OUT AND FIGHTS THE WAY WE KNOW HE CAN AND GETS THE “wIN” THEN HE SHOULD RETIRE AND LET 2 OPPONENTS FIGHT FOR THE BELT…. WEIDMAN EVEN IF HE LOSES, HE WILL STILL ALWAYS BE REMEBERED AS THE MAN THAT DEFEATED SILVA IN THE UFC… IF HE WINS AGAIN, NO MATTER HOW HE WINS, STANDING, SUBMISSION OR DECISION IT WILL PROVE THAT HE REALLY IS THE BETTER FIGHTER, BUT IF SILVA DOES HIS THANG!!!! THEN HOPEFULLY WE GET THE NIGHTY NIGHTY KO AND SILVA SHOULD RETIRE LEAVING THE TRILOGY STUFF IN THE BED…. AIND NO WE AINT TALKING SUPERFIGHTS NO MORE, CAUSE gsp IS SCARED AND AS MUCH AS I HATE TO SAY IT, JONES WOULD CATCH HIM W/ THE LENGTH AND WE WOULD PROBABLY SEE A 2ND LOSS FOR THE SPIDER IN THE UFC… SILVA FIGHT WEIDMAN + SILVA WIN= SILVA RETIRE

  • Russtys

    lets get the show on the road.