Jun 21, 2013; Toronto, ON, Canada; Baltimore Orioles first baseman Chris Davis (19) during their game against the Toronto Blue Jays at Rogers Centre. The Blue Jays beat the Orioles 7-6. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Orioles' Chris Davis Denies PED Use

Baltimore Orioles first baseman Chris Davis is having a career year, but it hasn’t been met without it’s fair share of skepticism. It is unfair for Davis that people may question his performance and assume that he has used PEDs, but that is the world that we now live in.

After the steroid era caused us all to be suspicious, it isn’t a surprise that many people are wondering what could be behind Davis’ sudden increase in production that sees him hitting a career-high in home runs and runs batted in before the all-star break.

Davis knows those questions are out there, but Davis came forward with a denial of PED use to the Baltimore Sun:

“I have never taken them. I have no reason to. I’ve always been a power hitter. With me, I think the biggest thing was the consistency of the contact … When I was making contact, I was always hitting for power. I’m a guy that likes to work out a lot. I’m a guy that used to eat whatever I wanted to, but I started getting into my mid-20s, I’ve been seeing that change. So I’ve been taking better care of my body. I have a pretty strict diet. But I’ve never taken [performance-enhancing drugs]. I haven’t felt the need to.”

Despite his denial, people will continue to wonder about the sudden jump in numbers by Davis, but perhaps we all just sit back and enjoy what he has been able to do on the diamond instead of looking for a reason to hang on to the past.

Steroids will forever haunt baseball, but there is no reason to take away from an individual’s achievements when there is no proof that he has ever broken any rules.

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  • ifitsimpt

    It is interesting that Chris Davis has come out to publicly denounce
    Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa for not being true home run
    kings, compared to Roger Maris as the single season home run record
    holder. I have no doubt that Maris’ record is legitimate and that the
    claim is valid. However, amidst rumors that Chris Davis may be using
    PEDs given his sudden power hitting prowess raises questions about his
    motivation for trashing others. Oftentimes a person will do that to
    distance themselves from the subjects of disdain — to make it clear
    they despise those who use PEDs and to imply they do NOT use it
    themselves. Davis’ home run production over the years does raise an
    eyebrow, or two: 17, 21, 1, 10 (in 118 games), 33 (in 139 games in
    2012), and now 37 (in 95 games) before the All-Star break.

    Davis attributes his prowess to taking care of his body, eating better and
    exercise. That’s what McGwire and other PED-users typically say when
    questioned about their home-run numbers. Of course, PEDs cannot improve
    eye-hand coordination, so necessary for making solid bat contact.
    However, increased muscular development often associated with “sudden”
    prowess and PED use and better hitting mechanics will improve home run

    Until Chris Davis is tested positive for PEDs, rumors will remain rumors. If he is clean, his accomplishments this season will potentially become historic. If he is not clean, then the rest is history…