March 18, 2013; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams (8) is guarded by Detroit Pistons point guard Jose Calderon (8) in the first quarter at The Palace. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Calderon On What Makes The Dallas Mavericks Attractive To Free Agents

Dallas Mavericks fans believe that free agents don’t want to sign here. That is the only way they can explain how Dallas keeps swinging and missing with free agents like Deron Williams, Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum.

Then a report came out that the Mavs were an hour away from signing with Andre Iguodala before the Golden State Warriors cleared cap space to sign him.

That makes the Mavs Iguodala’s back up plan.

But Jose Calderon shed some light on why he signed with the Dallas Mavericks.

“The truth is that I don’t know if there was exactly that many options there,” Jose Calderon said on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM’s “Fitzsimmons and Durrett” Thursday. “Sometimes the offers come and go two hours later. It’s kind of a weird thing. I think there were several things I wanted to put into the balance to make a decision. There was the team, the franchise, the coach, the players — playing with Dirk was something that was important for me — the city, a little bit of everything.”

That isn’t exactly glowing endorsement, stating that essentially you signed with the Mavericks because of a lack of options. But Calderon recovered and tried to explain what makes Dallas attractive to free agents.

“You’ve got an owner who really likes to win. When you know you’ve somebody who is going to do whatever it takes to win, it makes you think about just coming to Dallas. You know he’s not going to wait 10 years to try to win. He’s going to always to try to get the better opportunity out there. That’s what convinced me, and I think that’s what people ought to be thinking of.”

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