November 17, 2012; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; LSU Tigers running back Jeremy Hill (33) carries the ball against the Ole Miss Rebels during the second half at Tiger Stadium. LSU defeated Ole Miss 41-35. Mandatory Credit: Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Video Released of LSU RB Jeremy Hill Sucker Punch That Led to Battery Charges

LSU Tigers running back Jeremy Hill is currently suspended indefinitely from the team after an incident outside of a Baton Rouge bar in April when he sucker punched a man. After punching the man, who falls to the ground unconscious following another blow to the back of the head, Hill begins to high-five those around him and celebrate.

It always sounded bad, but video of the incident was released today and it is even worse than it sounds. After watching the video, it is hard to imagine any way that Les Miles can reinstate Hill to the team.

Watch the video below:

Hill plead guilty to simple battery charges today. As a result of the charges, Hill has been sentenced to two years of unsupervised probation, and must pay $375 for the victim’s medical bills, write a letter of apology, and complete 50 hours of community service. It better be a damn good letter of apology.

Before this incident, he was already on probation for forcing a 14-year-old to perform oral sex on him.

There is no way that the Tigers can continue to associate themselves with Hill after all of the incidents that have followed him, so let’s hope they make the right call.

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  • Alabama Tom Henry Swann

    dude should be in jail

  • Fart stain on a tractor seat

    Josh, should your bio read “Josh majored in journalism at Seton Hall University” instead of “Josh majored in journalism at Seton Hill University”?

  • JMouton

    Who was the guy who threw the 2nd punch, the one to the back of the head? Not to excuse Hill, but that one looked worse to me. And his shirt was shredded, so was this a continuation of a fight? Or was this just out of the blue?

  • Mike

    Video and your comments are out of context and do not track. I Cannot even see the Jeremy Hill punch. Can you actually see Hill’s fist contact the person? Second hit was much more visible and violent. What did the victim do before the incident on this video?

    • Bob Papadazzio

      Nice try. “Can you actually see Hill’s fist contact the person?”

      Uh, you can clearly hear it, jackass, unless you think a wall made of eggshells just suddenly appeared in thin air beside the guy’s head.

  • Basher04

    Ugh, as a life long Tiger fan, this is getting way out of hand. Les Miles is letting them get away with way to much and now LSU resembles more of the U of Miami then a respectable football program that fans of LSU expect. If Miles continues this, he needs to go.

  • Matthew Burr

    why would this be any different than when Jordan Jefferson kicked the service man while he was on the ground? Last time I checked he was reinstated!

  • Glenn

    no big deal stop complaining we our the new U I couldnt be more happy that we are not a bunch of sissys!

    • Guest

      Two guys on one, one sneaking up behind like a little bitch.

      That’s what you want to be?

  • Leroy

    He should be kicked off the team!!! I love my LSU Tigers, therefore, we don’t need people like this on the team destroying the program. Les Miles has to do more to control this team.

  • Pat Alvarez

    I am sure this confrontation lasted more than 47 seconds. Do we know what happened before the 47 seconds? I am not excusing what Hill did but let’s hear the whole story.

    • Danny Bowen

      What part of the whole story would make this any different? It sounds like you ARE excusing him, or at least attempting to find an excuse for him.

      • Pat Alvarez

        Well what happened during the night? Did the guy that got punched say something wrong or racial? Do we know the whole story? When I was at LSU football players were getting into bar fights all the time. All those players had to do was run the steps in Tiger Stadium. So you have never done anything wrong or stupid in your life. So get off your high horse

  • Gstephens

    LSU–Trash in, trash out!