Jun 23, 2013; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees former pitcher David Wells pitches during the old timers day game at Yankee Stadium before the game between the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

David Wells On PED Users: Kick Them Out Of Baseball

All the focus in Major League Baseball headed towards the All-Star Break is on the PED scandal around the Miami company Bio Genesis. Alex Rodriguez met with MLB officials Friday about their investigation and is facing a 100 game suspension.

Former MLB pitcher David Wells thinks the punishments should be more severe. Wells made the comments on KRLD-FM in Dallas who are bracing for the worst in regards to Nelson Cruz and his role in the scandal.

“Well, I think if these guys are guilty as charged then they should be suspended and maybe kicked out of baseball. There is no room for that. You don’t need to be doing steroids. You don’t need to be doing all that crap. I think with the HGH thing if you’re under supervision of a doctor because there is so much money out there in the game, as long as the league is aware of it, and he’s trying to get back there because he’s making $20 million and he can get back quicker and if it’s under a doctor’s supervision, maybe I would be open to that. But doing steroids and all this other crap, that’s not part of the game. You should be penalized and penalized real real heavy if not kicked out of the game.”

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  • DrJLD

    My position is that they should get one suspension. If they are stupid enough, or just like cheating, and they do it again, they should be banned from baseball.
    These PEDs are not addictive, so the only reason to use them again is to try make up for declining skills, or to beef up to play better.
    This policy should apply to both major league and minor league players. One suspension with the warning that any more cheating with drugs will result in never being able to earn a living playing baseball should be good for players at all levels of professional baseball.