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Anna Benson Was Once on 'America's Most Wanted'

Anna Benson is the estranged wife of former MLB player Kris Benson and she is apparently even crazier than we could have ever imagined. Before being married to Benson and becoming famous for being a whack job on reality television, she was known as Anna Warren. While known as Warren, she was somehow involved with the murder of of 18-year-old Michael Evans.

Charges were later dropped

When you consider that Anna Benson was recently arrested for breaking in to Kris’ home with guns and a bullet proof vest, you have to feel relieved that Kris Benson was able to make it out alive and call the police. Who knows what could have happened.

The craziest part about the Anna Benson saga is that she was once portrayed on an episode of America’s Most Wanted after the 1996 investigation into her then boyfriend’s execution.

From Rich Shapiro of the New York Daily News:

“Get rid of him,” she allegedly told her beau before he carried out the slaying, the lead investigator told The News, quoting witnesses.

Benson, then a 19-year-old named Anna Warren, hightailed it out of town with her man after the bloody slaying in Knoxville.

Tennessee cops obtained warrants charging Warren and her boyfriend, Paul Dejongh, 19, with the murder of Michael Evans, court records show.

She was captured five months later, but all charges against her were eventually dropped — infuriating the victim’s family.

It is very troubling to see, but hopefully Anna Benson will be dealt with in the appropriate manner.

If you want to see the episode of America’s Most Wanted that features Benson’s story, you are in luck because Deadspin dug up the video:

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