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June 30, 2013; Beaverton, OR, USA; Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, of Texas A

Johnny Manziel Apologizes to Texas A&M Coaching Staff; Advised to Be Honest About Manning Camp Dismissal

Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel is a lightning rod for controversy and this weekend was just the latest offseason story that portrayed Manziel in a negative light. The Heisman Trophy winner was a counselor at the Manning Passing Academy and helping out the camp, but his stay was cut short when he was sent home on Saturday.

According to the Manning Passing Academy, Manziel was sent home on Saturday because he felt ill and slept through meetings.

There were also reports from his father that Manziel was recovering from dehydration.

When you combine feeling ill and dehydration, you have what many kids consider to be a hangover. That would make sense, considering the reports that Manziel was out partying the two nights before his dismissal. The Manning Camp denied those rumors, but Manziel was seen out partying after being dismissed for “being ill” and now Manziel is reportedly apologizing to his coaches.

From Joe Schad of

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel has apologized to the Aggies coaching staff and is being advised to be honest about what led to his much-discussed departure last weekend from the Manning Academy, a source told ESPN.

The question is, why did Manziel apologize and why was he advised to be honest if he was really just sick?

That is an answer we will never know, but what is clear is that Manziel is under insane scrutiny and he needs to show maturity.

Manziel is always being shown in the wrong light and that is something that NFL teams will have to really look in to. When you are selecting a franchise quarterback, you want a player that can shine in the spotlight and show that he can handle the media. You want a guy that can carry the weight of his team on his shoulders and prove that he is a leader.

Unfortunately for Manziel, he has shown none of those abilities and it could hurt his NFL draft stock.

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