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Johnny Manziel Lied to Archie Manning; Was MIA at Manning Camp

There is now more information surfacing regarding the Johnny Manziel situation that took place at the Manning Passing Academy last week. The latest report contradicts what Manziel said at SEC Media Days when he blamed his phone dying for his oversleeping that led to his missing of meetings. According to the report, Manziel wasn’t even in the dorm room on Friday night and no one had any idea where Manziel was.

The report features information from a source “well connected (to) the camp’s inner workings”.

From the Rumors and Rants report:

No one knows for sure where Manziel slept on Friday night, and the exact location is probably none of our damn business. But we do know it wasn’t at a Nicholls State dorm with roomie McCarron. It was reported to Archie Manning that Johnny Football was last seen somewhere on Bourbon Street in New Orleans at around 4 a.m. (The Nicholls campus is about an hour drive from New Orleans).

This was Johnny’s first mistake. Not necessarily going to New Orleans, but lying about it to Archie, who had already been informed by a friend that Manziel was out on Bourbon. Basically Manning gave Manziel the chance to explain himself the next day when Archie already knew full well what had happened and where he was — classic parent move! — but Manziel chose not to tell the truth.

Dartmouth head coach Buddy Teevens, not Archie Manning, eventually got Manziel to leave the camp, where he was late or absent from every meeting for the camp staff.

If the latest news is true, it is even worse news for Manziel.

He will already have the label of being immature and not taking football seriously when he begins to be evaluated by NFL scouts and now he can add liar to the mix. Manziel drinking isn’t news, but being irresponsible and lying about it is not what you want from a player who is supposed to be the leader of your football team.

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  • cnet

    The Manning’s don’t put up with that trash. Which is why the family has produced three legit starting QBs at the highest level. Peyton has an NFL record FOUR league MVPs and a ring, Eli has two rings and Archie is on the college football HOF and started for NO Saints forever.

    Fools like Manziel don’t touch HOF type play.

  • john

    cnet, please, google images of Eli drunk and you tell me that the Mannings “dont put up with that trash”. The kid is 20 years old. Don’t act like you didn’t drink and party when you were in college.

    • CJtheRebel

      Eli didn’t let it interfere with football.

      • jim

        Neither has Johnny. Just sayin.

        • CJtheRebel

          I’m pretty sure getting yourself kicked out of the Manning Passing Academy counts as letting it interfere with football.

          • jim

            Not for me it doesn’t. Now I won’t disagree that what he did was stupid. If he wasn’t going to take it seriously he should have not agreed to be part of the camp. But this has no effect on his ability to play the game or how his season will progress.

  • Keith Gardner

    Yes, most people drink and party in college, but the smart ones know when and where to do it.

    • Patrick Moore

      Exactly! Nobody has ever said he should have no fun in college. Maturity doesn’t mean not having fun, or even not drinking. necessarily. Maturity means you have fun and do stupid things in a way that does not interfere with the things you have to get done in life. If football is really what he wants to make a living at some day then this camp was a good example of something not to be interfered with. If a ring in college is what he wants before he finishes he needs to learn how to be a little more mature so he can lead his team appropriately.

  • Alex

    Being a college athlete means you have certain responsibilities that other students don’t. Perhaps your average student can get away with something like this but Manziel is not only an athlete, but he’s also a leader. Even though he may not be considered as a good one. He needs to straighten some things out before he gets read for the next level.

  • Gary

    “If the latest news is true …”
    Another unsubstantiated story and anonymous source
    Who is worse, the ‘maybe’ true story or the person that spreads it and doesn’t truly know?

  • John Jakubik

    Seems credible, I means sounds made up by a hack journalist trying to get on the map.

  • John Morgan

    Johnny Football had agreed to attend this fuction,which means he had a responsibilty to be there, suit up so to speak,and fullfill his obligation.He did not to any of that. He let his team down,his coaches,his fans, and everybody at the camp.Then to top it off he lied. Not to give Johnny any excuses,but this is my problem with a freshman winning the Heisman!!!! Now that he thinks he’s the greatest thing since white bread,and has spent his summer having fun, the rest of his team mates have been putting in the work to be better. Would not surprise me if A&M runs into a little trouble if Johnny doesn’t get it together.

    • Joshua Barker

      and it wouldn’t surprise me if you failed, at life.

      • John Morgan

        I’ve done live there Joshua. I’m on the downhill side. You on the other hand need to grow up. And so does Johnny!!!!!!!

  • Artist Larry Pitts

    I think they should strip him from the Heisman trophy, and also take his name off this years list.You are suppose to be a quality person regarded as very high concerning football, life style, and family life. Right now he is on the bottom.

    • Joshua Barker

      ^^ This is a joke, right? You’re obviously trying to be sarcastically humorous and just not doing it right. If this is a legitimate opinion of a person and not a fake or hacked account; this is probably the most idiotic, moronic, unintelligent, judgemental, jealous, pathetic excuse for a attempted comment from a human being I have ever read in my entire life. Please, for the sake of humanity don’t ever procreate.

  • Joshua Barker

    Oh NOOOOOO! A college kid went out and got thrashed and missed a football mini camp during the offseason. BIG DEAL! Who wants some old dick head preaching about your character as a person for lying about being out partying. He wouldn’t of lied, normally, he just didn’t want to hear some old fart yell at him while he was hungover. Get out of football players personal lives.
    He wanted to go party and bang a skank. Whoopty do. I quit football my Junior year of high-school because I came from a town in the south where Friday Night Lights were considered life or death events and everyone knew everything about everybody and nobody does anything but talk about other people. “Average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people, brilliant minds discuss ideas.” I left that shithole town in the south where nobody had anything to do except blab about kids business, being hypocrites, and worshiping a bunch of kids playing a sport.
    I left that small town after and found a life outside of small town America. My football coach called me a loser, quitter, and embarrassment to the community.
    Hahahahahaha I’m the CEO of an enormous multi-million dollar Information Technology company and he still makes 26,000 dollars a year and watch little boys take showers. What a joke. I didn’t come from any money; extremely poor and now I make about three times as much money as an NFL player. This article make me want to go back to that small little town in the south an ask my former coach who ended up being the loser? I’ll take my girlfriend (Sports Illustrated model) with me. I have a 3-month rotation for new girlfriends; have never been married, am 29 years old and wake up every morning with a BIG FAT smile on my face because I know that I’m a winner.
    If you are so involved with a kids sport that you are shaming a kid and calling his character “bad” or saying he is of “impure character” you’re a fuc*ing idiot and are probably just like my old high school football coach: a moron that never did anything with his life.
    This article, it’s context, and everything about it is a joke; I hope Johnny Manziel wins a Superbowl and in the post game press conference tells old ass Archie Manning to quit being a judgemental prick and to go funk himself. If you have nothing better to do with your life, than to criticize another man’s; chances are you are a middle class moron with a shitty job, fat wife, and kids that resent you.
    Get real, America.

    • Scott Ray

      Joshua this was very well stated my brother.

    • aaron

      I have heard of people making crap up but this takes the cake…

  • farrelle

    Who CARES? I believe this story, as well as the horse, have been sufficiently beaten to death. He’s 20. He’s made mistakes. He seems like a good kid. Next, please.

  • Liberal Soup N Crackers

    The egotistical young fellow is turning out to be a good bit less than “Johnny Football”. I am starting to look forward to the SEC Defensive rush this season.